1. Talabani says will not sign Aziz death order
    Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Wednesday he will not sign an execution order for Tareq Aziz, the former deputy of dictator Saddam Hussein.
  2. Muslim pilgrims launch into final hajj rituals
    Some 2.8 million Muslim pilgrims clad in white robes symbolically stoned the devil in the Mina valley, near Mecca, on Wednesday, as they launched into the final rituals of the hajj. Having on Tuesday focused on throwing pebbles at the Jamarat al-Aqaba, the largest of three adjacent walls representing Satan, pilgrims on Wednesday cast their stones at all three sites.
  3. Iraqi’s Allawi has reservations on new govt
    LONDON – The head of Iraq’s main Sunni-backed political group said he did not expect a recent accord aimed at ending political infighting between the country’s main factions to lead to a stable government.
  4. Afghan handover could run past 2015 in some areas
    KABUL – The military handover from NATO-led forces to Afghans could run past an end-2014 target date in some areas because of lingering security problems, a senior NATO official in Afghanistan said on Wednesday.
  5. Canada to shift Afghan combat mission to training
    OTTAWA – Up to 950 Canadian troops will train Afghan army recruits from 2011 to March 2014, maintaining a particular focus on solving the “huge problem” of low literacy levels, the government said on Tuesday.
  6. Iran says Foreign Planes Violated its Airspace
    TEHRAN, Iran, (AP) – Iran said Wednesday that unidentified foreign planes violated its air space six times as the country kicked off its biggest ever air defense drill but that the intruders were intercepted and forced back by Iranian jets.
  7. Sectarian hostility lies beneath hajj spirit, pilgrims say
    Despite display of unity, visits to holy sites in Medina can be fraught, with some Shia Muslims from UK reporting victimisation
  8. Al-Jafaria inaugurates: Marjaiyah sends unity message to Turkish Shiias
    ISTANBUL, Turkey: A ceremony to inaugurate Al-Jafaria Association in Istanbul, one of biggest cities of Turkey, drew large number of religious and governmental dignitaries from inside and outside the country besides a gathering of some 10,000 people.
  9. Security Analysts Warn Of Islamic Radicalization At British Universities
    An investigation by a security analysis group has found evidence of Islamic extremists operating at a university in London.
  10. Amnesty asks Bahrain to probe torture allegations
    LONDON: Amnesty International yesterday renewed its call for Bahrain to investigate allegations by 23 jailed Shia activists whom it said have complained of torture both before and after their trial began.