1. German Muslim leader urges better protection of mosques
    A German Muslim leader on Saturday called for better protection of mosques across the country in the wake of the latest arson attack on Berlin’s largest mosque.
  2. “Painting in Islam” Conference in Cairo
    A conference titled “Painting in Islam” is scheduled to be held on November 22, in Cairo, Egypt.
  3. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to visit US for treatment
    The elderly king of Saudi Arabia has planned to travel to the United States for medical treatment as he is suffering from a herniated disc.
  4. Pope Benedict XVI criticises French burqa ban
    Pope Benedict XVI criticised a French law banning Muslim women from wearing the Islamic full-face veils in public, saying women should be able to wear them voluntarily, according to a book due out on Tuesday.
  5. Egypt Refutes US Religious Freedom Complaints
    Egypt on Saturday angrily dismissed complaints from the United States concerning religious freedom in its key Middle East ally, saying that Washington has no right to hand down judgments.
  6. More than 155 killed, injured in Karbala during Eid holidays
    Karbala’s hospitals received 16 dead bodies and 140 others injured while ambulances carried 367 people suffering from different health problems to hospitals, a local health official said on Saturday.
  7. US court halts Afghan Muslim killing case
    One of five American soldiers accused of killing Afghan civilians for fun earlier this year, has won a temporary reprieve from murder charges.
  8. The Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali-un-Naqi al-Hadi (A.S.)
    Imam ‘Ali an-Naqi (also known as al-Hâdi), was the son of the ninth Imam. He was born on 15th Dhil Hijja in 212/827 in Sarya, outside Medina.
  9. Watchdog disqualifies 19 over Afghanistan poll fraud
    Afghanistan’s election watchdog has disqualified 19 candidates who stood in the September poll for alleged fraud.
  10. Iraqi parliament gets down to work
    The Iraqi parliament has begun in earnest the job its members were elected to do in March.