1. Abu Dhabi Builds Strategic Gulf Pipeline
    The United Arab Emirates has completed a pipeline from its main oil fields in Abu Dhabi to Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman, thus bypassing the chokepoint Strait of Hormuz, a vital oil export route highly vulnerable to closure by Iran.
  2. Sukuk Backed by Airport, Utility Flows Favored: Islamic Finance
    Islamic bonds that pay returns based on cash flows from airports and utilities rather than income from property may stay in favor in the coming year after a drop in Persian Gulf real-estate prices shook investor confidence.
  3. World atlas in the era of prophetic mission will be published
    The head of Shia History Atlas institute informed of the publication of world atlas in the era of prophetic mission in near future.
  4. Saudi Wahhabis Try to Arrest Top Shia Cleric “Mohammad Baqir Al-Nasser”
    Saudi Wahhabi authorities threatened the Shia friday prayer leader “Syed Mohammad Baqir al-Nasir” to the jail under the pretext of organizing congregational prayer.
  5. Muslims ‘face discrimination’ in Europe
    A recent opinion poll has found that the majority of Muslims living in the European Union (EU) countries have experienced discrimination by non-Muslims.
  6. Bomb blasts leave 12 injured in Iraq
    Three separate bomb explosions have targeted civilians and security forces in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, wounding several people, including police officers.
  7. ‘Jordan supports Iraqi terrorist group’
    Iraqi security officials have revealed that several people in Jordan were allegedly supporting one terrorist group in the war-torn country financially.
  8. OIC meeting on Islamic civilization in Mediterranean opens in Cyprus
    Eroglu urged members of the Organization of Islamic Conference to keep their promises on cooperation with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  9. Actual Rate of Torment in Saudi Jails Revealed by Iranian Cleric
    An Iranian cleric has recounted the pain and suffering he experienced in a Saudi jail when he was detained while making a pilgrimage at the tomb of Islam’s Holy Prophet in Medina
  10. Germans More Intolerant of Muslims Than Their Neighbors
    Germans are more intolerant of Muslims and their religion than their European neighbours, France, the Netherlands and Denmark, according to a study released by the University of Muenster on Thursday