1. HSBC offers Shariah-compliant corporate banking in new countries
    Companies in Bahrain and Bangladesh now have the option to use either conventional or Shariah-compliant banking products and services from HSBC.
  2. Toronto youth ‘brainwashed’ with extremist views of Islam, report says
    Muslim youth say extremism is on the rise and that “brainwashing” is taking place in Toronto, according to a two-year international study on homegrown terrorism that will be released Wednesday.
  3. Islamic groups urge Indonesia to stop sending maids to Saudi Arabia
    JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization says millions of supporters are demanding the government stop sending its citizens to Saudi Arabia to work as maids.
  4. Suicide bomber kills 16 in northwest Pakistan
    A suicide bomber blew himself up beside a minibus in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least 16 people, officials said.
  5. Utility bills in Dubai to go up
    Utility bills in Dubai will see a rise from January as the emirate’s Supreme Council of Energy has approved a limited revision of electricity and water consumption tariff.
  6. UAE residence visa validity reduced to two years
    According to a new rule, the validity of UAE residential visa and labour card has now been reduced to two years. This new rule for all workers and employees in the private sector will be applicable from January 2011.
  7. Elders council rejected KPK Police statement baanning Muharram Procession entry
    Elders council of Kurram rejected KPP Police statements regarding banning entry of tribal people in Muharram Majalis and Procession at Provinicial Capital Peshawar.
  8. Al-Qaeda Suicide Attacks Against Shias Feared During Muharram Mourning
    Iraq police stepped up security at Shia mosques in volatile northern Diyala province for the Muslim New Year on Tuesday after Al-Qaeda issued a series of threats
  9. Labbayk Ya Hussain – an evening with Ahlulbayt TV
    Ahlulbayt TV has been broadcasting around the world over a year, from Europe to Africa, Middle East to Australia. The channel is also available in North America.
  10. Khoja Shia Muslims launches ’40 Islamic Centres in 40 Days’ fundraising appeal
    Over 40 Shia religious centres including Mosques, Imambarghas and Madrasahs were ruined in the 2010 floods that devastated Pakistan.