1. UN lifts key sanctions against Iraq
    UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council gave a unanimous vote of confidence on Wednesday to the significant strides Iraq has taken by lifting 19-year-old sanctions on weapons and civilian nuclear power.
  2. Iraq offers Iran anti-terror help
    Iraqi Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani offered Tehran his ministry’s support and experience in fighting terror on Friday, just days after a bomber killed 34 people in Iran.
  3. Taleban, Al Qaida diminished in Afghanistan
    Declaring significant progress in disrupting Al Qaida and combating the Taleban, Obama said on Thursday the US will start withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan in July as promised.
  4. Kabul silent over Obama’s Afghan war review
    KABUL – Afghanistan’s leaders, overlooked in the summary of a “brutally honest” U.S. war strategy review, did not offer any response to the long-awaited report on Friday in a sign of the often uneasy ties between Kabul and Washington.
  5. Attacks on Shia Teachers and Schools in Pakistan
    Baloch militants are believed to be behind the attacks on ethnic Punjabis, who constitute the majority of victims.
  6. Millions keep mourning Ashura in Iraq
    Millions of Muslim pilgrims have gathered in the Iraqi holy city of Karbala to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of the prophet of Islam’s grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH).
  7. Iraq thwarts Ashura attack
    Iraqi authorities thwarted a major Al Qaeda attack eying pilgrims gathered to observe Ashura rituals. In a preventive operation, Iraqi authorities seized large quantities of weapons and arrested around 80 suspects involved in plotting attacks in the southern city of Karbala.
  8. Erdogan Attends Ashura Ceremony in Istanbul, Addresses Mourners
    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated on Thursday in Ashura ceremony in Istanbul, to be the first Prime Minister to attend a Ahura mourning ceremony in Turkey’s history.