1. Iraq lifts ban on Sunni politicians
    Three Sunnis banned from March polls over alleged links to Saddam’s Baath Party are allowed back to politics.
  2. 120 booked after clashes between Muslim sects
    KANPUR: A case was registered on Saturday against 120 people in connection with the violent clashes between two groups over comments made by a Muslim leader, police said.
  3. US House approves billions for wars without debate
    WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed legislation that authorizes the Defense Department to spend nearly $160 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this budget year without major restrictions on the conduct of operations.
  4. Pakistani spy agency denies it unmasked CIA chief
    ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s top spy agency denied speculation on Saturday that it helped unmask the CIA’s station chief in Islamabad in retaliation for a New York City lawsuit linking Pakistan’s intelligence chief to the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India.
  5. Merkel meets Karzai, visits troops in Afghan
    KUNDUZ, Afghanistan – German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Saturday to boost German troops’ morale for a war that is deeply unpopular at home and to meet with the Afghan president.
  6. Maliki to name Iraq government on Monday
    Hussain Al Shahristani will be reappointed Iraqi oil minister when a new cabinet is unveiled on Monday, keeping in place the plans to turn Iraq into a top global oil producer.
  7. Kargil Shias perform Ashura procession at -12 celcius / Photos
    To commemorate the Martyrdom of Hazrat Abass Alamdar various mourning processions of ALAM has been carried out from different villages of Kargil toward the Kargil Town.
  8. Muharram procession ends peacefully in Karachi / Photos
    The procession of 10th Muharram-ul-Haram culminated at Kharadar’s Hussainian Iranian on Friday evening in Karachi.
  9. Clashes between Wahhabis and Shiites in Saudi Arabia in Commemoration of Ashura
    According to Saudi Shia sources “Saudi security forces dispersed the crowds of Shiites and Wahhabis after fights broke out in Medina during the Ashura mourning procession on Thursday”.
  10. Thousands of Shia mourners walk in the night of Ashur procession in Lucknow
    Ummat ney jisko khoon mein duboya-wahi Hussain/ Jo bad-e zabha dhoop mein soya- wahi Hussain… The marsiya was recited by Ahsan Saeed Abedi on the ninth day of Muharram at Imambara Nazim Saheb in Lucknow on Thursday. Later, thousands of Shia mourners joined the shab-e-ashur procession which originated from Imambara Nazim Saheb and passed through Tulsidas Marg before culminating at Dargah Hazrat Abbas in Saadatganj. …