1. Cracks widen in Pakistan’s ruling coalition, key ally quits
    ISLAMABAD: The cracks within the ruling coalition in Pakistan widened Tuesday after a key ally made it clear that it had “no intention of returning to the (coalition) fold”.
  2. Persian Gulf Taps Malaysia for Sukuk Sales: Islamic Finance
    Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — Persian Gulf borrowers are selling ringgit-denominated Islamic bonds at a record pace in Malaysia to raise funds for expansion and take advantage of demand in the world’s biggest market for Shariah-compliant bonds.
  3. Riyadh failed in Iraq
    The Saudi Arabian Intelligence Organization stated that despite spending 750 million dollars in order to influence policy in Iraq, Saudi Arabia failed.
  4. At least 7 killed, hundreds injured in Iran quake
    At least seven people were killed in a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that jolted southeastern Iran on Monday, damaging buildings in outlying mountainous areas.
  5. Plane carrying 200 Bahrainis in emergency landing
    MANAMA — Two hundred Bahrainis, heading home after performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia, escaped an air crash after one of the engine of the plane they were travelling caught fire on Monday night.
  6. Preparations begin for Omani Shura elections
    MUSCAT — Oman has set the ball rolling for next year’s elections to the seventh term of the Majlis Ash’shura, inviting nominations from candidates.
  7. New Iraqi Cabinet Announced by Nouri al-Maliki
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki submitted his new Cabinet on Monday, clearing a hurdle to seating a government more than nine months after national elections even though serious disputes with one of his key allies remained
  8. Singapore to open its first Indian Muslim Heritage Centre next year
    Indians and Muslims have been a part and parcel of Singapore for ages, but it is now that the first heritage centre of Indian Muslims is coming up in the small South-east Asian country.
  9. Anti-Muslims Obscene Hate Mails to Mosques under Investigation
    The local office of a national Muslim civil rights group says they have met with postal investigators about several anti-Muslim hate mailings that were sent recently to area mosques, Islamic centers and Muslim organizations