1. US warned against extending operations into tribal region
    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has cautioned the US against extending its “special operations” into the tribal areas, saying it could complicate counter-terrorism cooperation.
  2. ‘2010 most violent year in Karachi’s history’
    KARACHI — The year 2010 has been one of the most violent years in the history of Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, as it registered highest number of people killed since 1995, when 1,742 people lost their lives, according to a report compiled by the Citizens Police Liason Committee (CPLC) .
  3. Pakistani forces kill 40 militants in tribal region
    Pakistani security forces Saturday launched a major operation in a tribal region and killed nearly 40 militants, reports said.
  4. Mashhad to Become Islamic World’s Cultural Center
    The holy city of Mashhad is to become the cultural center of the Islamic world as expected in the 20-year prospective plan of Astan-e Qods Razavi.
  5. Anti American protest in Afghanistan
    Scores of people have poured into the streets of Afghanistan’s western town of Shindand to protest the detention of a civilian by US forces, a report says.
  6. Shia and Sunni Muslims Sign a Document of Reconciliation After the Events of Ashura / Photo
    Saudi Shia and Sunni figures in Medina signed a document to “live as one family”, a week after the clashes that took place between the parties on Ashura.
  7. Terror plot foiled in mostly Shia-populated area of Pakistan
    Pakistani security forces have foiled a terror plot in the Hangu District of the country’s northwest, seizing an explosive-laden vehicle in the process.
  8. Iran to launch of Two Satellites in March
    Iran will launch a reconnaissance satellite dubbed the “Fajr” in the next few months, Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday.
  9. Egypt to Host First Int’l Meeting of Shia Muslims
    The first international meeting of Shia Muslims will be held with the prsence of eminent figures of the world of Islam in March 2011 in Cairo, Egypt
  10. Is Machine Slaughter Halal?
    Fingers were not lickin’ good for KFC in their bid to sell fried chicken to Islamic customers in Britain. It hoped to woo the Islamic market by opening over 100 outlets selling halal-only meat, slaughtered under strict religious guidelines