1. Ignorant Wahhabis Killed Fifty Imams and Muftis in North Caucasus
    Renowned islamologist Roman Silantyev cited statistics according to which about fifty Islamic spiritual leaders were killed in the North Caucuses for fighting against Wahhabism.
  2. Malaysia’s Shiite Muslims Demanded Apology from Authorities
    Shiite Muslims in Malaysia have made a rare public plea for authorities to let them legally worship amid fears of a clampdown on outlawed religious groups, a human rights official said.
  3. Yemen Releases Hundreds of Huthi Shi’as
    Yemen began to release hundreds of northern Huthi Shi’a prisoners on Thursday following Qatari mediation, the Shia and security officials said
  4. Another Pakistani Shia Brutally Martyred by Ignorant Wahhabis
    Agha Rashid Abbas ,brother of Agha Zeeshan (Nouha Khawn) was gunned down by the terrorists of outlawed Nasabi-Wahhabi organization on Wednesday at North Karachi Sector 5-D.
  5. Imamia student organization rally against Karachi university blast
    Imamia Student organization (ISO) on Wednesday condemned the blast in Karachi University (KU), and urged the government to immediately take action against the miscreants involved in the bomb blast during Zohar prayers at KU.
  6. Seven al-Qaeda members arrested in Sardasht Township, Iran
    A reliable informed source told IRNA Wednesday night about getting arrested of seven al-Qaeda group members in Sardasht Township, located in the southern part of Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province.
  7. Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia supports terrorism in Iraq
    Several Iraqi authorities have accused extremist Wahhabi elements in Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorist attacks in the war-wrecked country.
  8. MWM accuses govt, secret agencies of victimising Shias
    The Majlis Wahdat Muslemin (MWM) has accused the government and secret agencies of victimising the people belonging to the Shia school of thought, and warned that pushing one community to the wall can bring dangerous results to Pakistan.
  9. Jan deadline looms on AMU probe panel
    A two-member team probing allegations of financial irregularities against the Aligarh Muslim University vice-chancellor is likely to be asked to complete the job by January end.
  10. The Taliban in Bajaur
    After news that the Pakistan army had the Taliban on the run from South Waziristan, Orakzai and Mohmand agencies in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has struck a heavy blow in Bajaur, killing 47 innocent citizens collecting food items from a World Food Programme distribution point in Khar, the main bazaar in Bajaur Agency.