1. Opposition and allies reject oil price increase
    ISLAMABAD – The government raised the POL prices by 5.4 to 9 per cent from Saturday, inviting immediate flak from the opposition and allies.
  2. Afghan envoys head to Pakistan for peace talks
    KABUL — Afghan efforts to broker peace with the Taleban enter a new phase this week with the first scheduled visit of envoys to Islamabad, part of a growing recognition that the process hinges on Pakistan.
  3. Over 4,560 people killed, 12,749 injured in violence acts in Iraq in 2010
    The year 2010 had witnessed the killing of 4,561 people and wounding 12,749 others in Iraq, a percentage considered lower, compared with the victims of 2008 and 2009, according to the Iraqi Observatory of Rights & Constitutional Freedoms on Saturday.
  4. Danish troops gradually quit Afghanistan
    Denmark plans to immediately begin a gradual withdrawal of its combat troops from Afghanistan, highlighting the significance of handing over security to Afghan forces.
  5. Yemen president may rule for a lifetime
    Angry protesters shouted anti-government slogans outside parliament as the proposed amendments would cancel the two-term limit for a presidential term
  6. Christianity and Vatican’s Positive View on Ahl ul Bayt (PBUT)
    While the west is concerned over radical Wahhabism and extremist Muslims, Christianity and Vatican in particular has a positive view on the moderate and logical Shia Islam.
  7. Why the Malaysian Islamic Authorities act against Islam!?
    The Malaysian Islamic Authorities should consider the following facts and respect the efforts over the years of the peace loving Muslim ummah recorded as follows:
  8. Pakistan PM loses vital coalition partner as MQM quits
    Pakistan’s MQM party says it is leaving Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s coalition to join the opposition.