1. Violence grips Karachi again, 17 dead
    Unidentified gunmen have shot dead at least 17 people in a new wave of violence in Pakistan’s commercial hub Karachi, police said on Saturday.
  2. Iran to ban flights of Russian-built Tupolev jets
    Iran will ban flights by all its Tupolev aircraft from February following a series of disasters involving Russian-built jets in the Islamic state, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.
  3. Tunisia grapples with looting, new leader sworn in
    TUNIS, Tunisia – Tunisia swore in a new interim president on Saturday — the second change of power in this North African nation in less than 24 hours — and grappled with looting, deadly fires and widespread unrest after protests forced its longtime leader to flee.
  4. Qaradawi’s Shia Deputy Strongly Slams Anti Shia Book
    Deputy of the International Union of Muslim Scholars slammed the stealth way of offending the Shia in Africa in a newly published book.
  5. Session and Conference of OIC Parliamentary Union Opens in Abu Dhabi
    The XIII session of the Council of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the II extraordinary conference of the Union will be held in Abu Dhabi on 16-19 January.
  6. Iraqi President: Grand Ayatollah Sistani One of the Most Prominent and Source of Pride
    President Jalal Talabani said after visiting the religious authority, the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, in Najaf, “The Grand Ayatollah stressed the necessity to provide services to citizens and combat corruption as well as achieved governmental integrity.”
  7. Organisation of Islamic conference expresses solidarity with Tunisia
    The Organisation of Islamic Conference expressed its solidarity with Tunisians on Saturday and urged them to maintain security and stability.
  8. Muslims Build Inter-Faith Relationships
    On a fairly regular basis, the Muslim Association of Canada’s Calgary chapter has organized events to help open the dialogue between people of different faiths
  9. Syrian premier seeks to improve ties with Iraq
    Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri on Saturday underlined Syria’s commitment to Iraq security and stability, supporting the national reconciliation process among all political and social components of the Iraqi society.
  10. Grand Ayatollah Sobhani to Azeri President: Hijab Ban is Against DIVINE LAW
    Grand Shia Cleric, Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, in a letter to Azeri president announced that preventing girls with Islamic Hijab from high schools is a breach of the Human Rights and it is against law of God.