1. Dubai Airports supports UAE Declaration
    DUBAI – Dubai Airports on Thursday voiced support for the UAE Declaration issued by Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) proposing a joint Middle East Airspace Study to optimise the region’s airspace structure.
  2. Troops, protesters clash in south Yemen
    ADEN — A second night of clashes and gunbattles between the army and protesters in Yemen’s main southern city of Aden left seven people wounded, three of them soldiers, witnesses and officials said.
  3. Car bomb kills 3 near Iraqi police headquarters
    BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-packed car into the front gate of a police headquarters Thursday, killing three people in the second strike on security targets in an eastern Iraqi city in as many days.
  4. Blair falsely blamed Chirac over Iraq
    LONDON — Tony Blair played the “anti-French card” by falsely blaming then-president Jacques Chirac for the collapse of talks at the United Nations on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, an aide told Britain’s war inquiry Wednesday.
  5. Turkey ruling party has big lead before June vote
    ANKARA – Turkey’s ruling AK Party, led by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, is well ahead of its rivals in the run-up to a parliamentary election in June, an opinion poll published on Thursday said.
  6. British minister attacks ‘acceptable’ Islamophobia
    LONDON — The first Muslim woman to sit in the British cabinet warned Thursday that discrimination against Muslims in Britain has become socially acceptable and must be tackled.
  7. Arbaeen Preparations Finalized … Over 14 Million Pilgrims Expected
    Karbala governorate council has announced completion of security and administrative preparations to receive pilgrims for observance of Ziyarah Al-Arbaeeniyah (fortieth day after the martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein, peace be upon him) that marks next week.
  8. Huge demonstration against Hijab ban in Azerbaijan
    Hundreds of people have staged a demonstration in Azerbaijan’s capital, urging the government to overturn a decree banning Islamic headscarves in schools.
  9. Anti Islam American Preacher Pastor Banned From UK
    An American Christian preacher who caused global uproar by threatening to burn the Koran has been barred from visiting Britain, the British government said today.
  10. Dozens of members of ousted Ben Ali’s family arrested in Tunisia
    Dozens of members of ousted Tunisian President Zin el Abidin Ben Ali’s family have been arrested while they were trying to leave the country.