1. Man arrested with explosives at US mosque
    DETROIT – A California man traveling with explosives in his vehicle with the intention of blowing up one of the nation’s largest mosques where mourners had gathered for a funeral was arrested in a Detroit suburb, authorities said on Sunday.
  2. Four killed in Pakistan suicide attack
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Four people including three police officers were killed and 11 people wounded when a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up near a police van in northwest Pakistan on Monday, officials said.
  3. Kazakh council rejects plan to extend leader’s rule
    ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s constitutional council on Monday rejected a referendum to extend President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s rule until 2020, meaning the leader of Central Asia’s largest economy is likely to stand for election in 2012.
  4. Taliban ‘abduct 21 Afghan tribal elders’
    JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Taliban militants kidnapped 21 tribal elders in Afghanistan close to the Pakistani border whose relatives apparently work for the Afghan government and NATO, an official said Monday.
  5. Syria immune from unrest roiling Egypt : Assad
    Syria’s president, who has resisted calls for political freedoms and jailed critics of his regime, says that his nation is immune from the kind of unrest roiling Tunisia and Egypt.
  6. Pakistanis rally against US official
    Hundreds of Pakistani demonstrators have staged protests in the eastern city of Lahore, demanding the execution of a US consulate official who shot two Pakistanis to death.
  7. Chairman & Vice-Chairman Resign from British All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia
    The chairman and vice-chairman of an all-party parliamentary group tackling discrimination against Muslims have resigned after the group granted a Commons security pass to someone they claim is “an Islamist sympathiser”.
  8. Talabani, Allawi discuss local, regional developments
    President Jalal Talabani discussed with leader of Iraqiya Slate and leader of the Iraqi Concurrence Front (ICF), Iyad Allawi, the country’s political situation and developments in the region.
  9. Egypt banks closed Tues, no date set for reopen: CBank
    Egypt’s banks will be closed for a third day on Tuesday, the central bank said on Monday.
  10. Egypt Names New Interior, Finance Ministers
    Egypt has named new interior and finance ministers as one of the steps to form a new government after President Mubarak ordered the government to resign on Saturday.