1. 28th Safar Martyrdom Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Hasan Mujtaba (PBUT)
    On the Sad and Mourning occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Holy Prophet of Islam Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.), Imam Hasan Mujtaba(A.S.) and Imam Reza(A.S.) we extend our Heartfelt Grief and Condolences to Millions strong Muslim Ummah and all the lovers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (PBUT) in the world.
  2. “Madinat-ol-Elm” Software Released
    On the occasion of the demise anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), “Madinat-ol-Elm” software, a comprehensive library of the works on the Holy Prophet(s.a.w.a.), will be released.
  3. Huge protests fan Egypt unrest
    Egyptian protesters are holding huge rallies in Cairo and other cities as they step up their efforts to force President Hosni Mubarak from power.
  4. Jordan protests: King Abdullah names Marouf Bakhit PM
    King Abdullah of Jordan has dismissed his cabinet and appointed a new prime minister amid large street protests.
  5. Pakistan court blocks move to release US man
    A Pakistani court has ordered officials not to free a US citizen arrested for killing two men in Lahore last week.
  6. Arab summit to test Iraq security, regional role
    BAGHDAD – If Middle East unrest does not scuttle its plans, Iraq will host its first Arab League summit in two decades in March, giving its Shia-led government a chance to reintegrate the country into a sceptical Arab world.
  7. Yemen hopes to stave off spreading Arab unrest
    Yemen’s president, eyeing protests across the Arab world, is trying to stave off popular unrest by offering concessions.
  8. Iraq, Kuwait set up ‘channels’ for fishing dispute
    BAGHDAD — Iraq and Kuwait have agreed on ways to resolve disputes that arise when Iraqi fishermen enter what Kuwait alleges are its territorial waters, Baghdad’s government spokesman said on Tuesday.
  9. Shia Resistance defeat Taliban Terrorists in Kurram Agency
    Armed militants Taliban Lashker from Khar Kaly Sadda Lower Kurram on Sunday attacked neighboring Turi Bangash tribes village Blashkhel at 2 pm, strong resistance of Shia Tribal has defeated Wahhabi-Taliban attack, but heavy fighting continues, which was spread to other villages like Bagan & AliZai of troubled Kurram Agency FATA
  10. Stronger Shia’s necessary for Pakistan’s soverginity: Pakistani Shia Cleric
    Majlis Wehdat Muslimeen (MWM) Central Secretary General Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffari has said that stronger shia community in Pakistan is necessary for the sovereignty of the country. He declared Shaheed Allama Arif Hussain al-Hussaini as the Malik Ashtar of Pakistan.