1. Call to explain triple talaq
    CHENNAI: The prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali has called upon the learned Ulema (Islamic scholars) and intellectuals to explain the practice of triple talaq (divorce) in the list of the clear injunctions of the Holy Quran on the subject of marriage and divorce.
  2. Hundreds of Afghan fighters to lay down arms
    KABUL – As many as 900 Afghan fighters have agreed to lay down their arms, a senior NATO official said on Monday, but it is too soon to say if a drive to bring in low-level fighters can be decisive in curbing bloodshed.
  3. Tunisia’s parliament meets after ruling party banned
    TUNIS — Tunisia’s parliament met Monday to vote emergency powers for the country’s interim president after the government banned the ruling party of ousted leaders Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
  4. Mubarak cabinet meets, protesters reject new offers
    CAIRO – President Hosni Mubarak’s new cabinet on Monday holds its first full meeting since an uprising started nearly two weeks ago, with no concrete progress in talks with Islamists and an opposition who demand his immediate exit.
  5. Afghan President calls for reconciliation with moderate Taliban elements
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday called for greater efforts to accelerate the reconciliation process with moderate Taliban elements.
  6. Qatar bans banks’ Islamic units
    Qatar’s central bank asked conventional lenders to close down their Islamic operations amid worries of overlap between the two, banking sources said on Sunday, in a surprise move seen prompting other regions to follow suit.
  7. Bahraini Shias to hold anti-government protests over discriminations
    Bahrainis are preparing to hold anti-government protests after stressing the need for political change in the Persian Gulf monarchy during a demonstration held in support of Egypt’s revolution.
  8. OIC announces over 2 million dollars for Somalia aid
    “We sent an urgent appeal to our member states and charity organizations in the Islamic World as well as International aid organizations to act quickly to help Somalia’s drought affected people” OIC said in statement issued on Sunday.
  9. Russian Muslim Board: Islamic universities of Tunisia, Egypt transform into Wahhabi floor
    The latest events in Tunisia and Egypt exposed a serious problem of the Wahhabism: religious universities in these countries have stopped training clerics of moderate Islam and transformed into a Wahabi floor, member of the All-Russian Muslim Board Executive Committee Muhammedgali Huzin told Interfax-Religion on Monday.