1. Pakistan attack: ‘Schoolboy’ suicide bomber hits Mardan
    A teenage suicide bomber dressed in school uniform has blown himself up at an army compound in Pakistan, killing at least 31 people, officials say.
  2. Afghan ‘supermarket bomber’ is paraded in public
    The Afghan intelligence service has detained men it believes carried out the bombing of a supermarket in Kabul which left 14 people dead.
  3. Bosnian police raid Wahabi homes suspected of terrorist activities
    Bosnian officials say police raided homes in a village in northeast Bosnia to try to disrupt possible future terrorist attacks.
  4. Blast kills nine Shia pilgrims in Iraq
    At least nine people have been killed and 43 others wounded when a car bomb targeted Shia Muslim pilgrims in Iraq’s northern province of Salahuddin.
  5. Pakistan airlines strike grounds flights
    Passengers have been stranded at Islamabad airport by a strike at Pakistan International Airlines over a planned route-sharing deal with Turkish Airlines.
  6. Shia Men arrested for Protesting against the Blasphemous of Wahabis
    A Protest was organised against Blasphemous and Sectarian Incident of 4th of Feb in Rawal Pindi, the Participants of which was largely attended by the Shia Women, which was forcefully being stopped to proceed by the local police present at the Protest sight, and the Men accompanying the Women Participants were arrested.
  7. ‘Egypt unrest behind oil price hike’
    Oil prices have climbed to above $100 per barrel for the first time in two years as concerns grow over a disruption of crude flows through Egypt’s Suez Canal.
  8. Moderate Saudi scholars form kingdom’s first party
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Ten moderate Saudi scholars say they’ve formed the kingdom’s first political party and have asked the king for recognition.
  9. Oman revising laws to protect labour rights
    MUSCAT — Several articles in Oman’s Labour Law are being revised following talks between trade union representatives and authorities in the government.
  10. Firing at Deoband meet on Vastanvi
    A meeting on the fate of Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi, the newly elected vice-chancellor of the Darul Uloom Deoband, turned violent as gun-toting men gate crashed the gathering on Tuesday.