1. Egyptian military dissolves parliament
    Egypt’s new military authorities say they are dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution.
  2. Yemen rocked by third day of protests
    About 2,000 demonstrators have clashed with police in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on the third day of anti-government protests.
  3. Italy ‘to deploy police to Tunisia’ to tackle migration
    The Italian government is to ask for permission to deploy its police in Tunisia, to tackle a sudden wave of immigration, say officials.
  4. Police Shots two protesters in Jordan
    Shots have been fired after the Jordanian military clashed with thousands of protesters in Amman, leaving at least two civilians injured.
  5. Bahrain promises media freedoms
    Leaders in Bahrain are promising to expand media freedoms in apparent attempts to quell calls for protests inspired by Egypt.
  6. Calm returns to Algiers after pro-reform protest
    ALGIERS, Algeria — Calm has returned to the Algerian capital a day after thousands of people took part in a banned pro-reform gathering.
  7. Jamia invites underprivileged kids for sports and cultural events
    Jamia Millia Islamia University department of social work reaches out to underprivileged kids with sports and cultural meet, to mark the birth anniversary of former President of India Dr. Zakir Husain.
  8. Maliki fills power, trade, other Iraq cabinet jobs
    Iraq’s parliament approved eight new ministers on Sunday but Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has yet to decide who will hold sensitive security posts in the cabinet such as defence and interior.
  9. Programme to mark Prophet’s birthday
    As the whole Islamic world is celebrating the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai has launched a special week-long programme for the blessed occasion.
  10. 70 Priceless Objects Stolen From Egypt Museum
    Looters appear to have made off with some of Egypt’s priceless antiquities during the anti-government protests of the past three weeks.