1. Afghanistan: Three dead in Kabul ‘suicide blast’
    Two security guards and an insurgent were killed in an attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials say.
  2. Egypt crisis: Protests switch to demands on pay
    Fresh protests and strikes have flared in Egypt as demonstrators demand better pay and conditions from the country’s new military rulers.
  3. Arab summit in Baghdad on March 29
    Arab leaders will hold their annual summit in Baghdad on March 29, officials said Monday, in defiance of threats by insurgents waging a campaign against participants.
  4. Top Saudi Mufti: Intifada May Rise in Saudi Arabia
    In a video published on the internet, Saudi Arabian Mufti Sheikh Yusof al-Ahmad says due to the poverty and an unemployment rate of 22 percent, the recent popular uprisings in the Arab world will permeate into Saudi Arabia
  5. Bahrain in RED ALERT Amid Protest Calls / Thousands Come to Street on Monday
    Bahrain’s security forces set up checkpoints and clashed with marchers in at least one village Sunday as opposition groups blanketed social media sites with calls to stage the first major anti-government protests in the Gulf since the uprising in Egypt.
  6. Pakistan appears to soften over US gunman
    KARACHI — A spokeswoman for Pakistan’s main ruling party on Monday moved to dilute anger over a US official accused of murdering two Pakistanis, saying diplomats have immunity and that he had an official visa.
  7. Iran forces fire teargas to disperse protesters-witness
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian security forces fired teargas in central Tehran on Monday to disperse opposition supporters marching in a banned rally inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, a witness said.
  8. Ayodhya case: Muslim bodies to file five SLPs in SC
    Diminishing the prospects ofan out-of-court settlement of the vexed Ram Janmabhoomi-BabriMajid issue, Muslim bodies are gearing up to file five moreSpecial Leave Petitions in the Supreme Court to challenge theAllahabad High Court verdict.
  9. Egypt plans constitution referendum in 2 months
    CAIRO – Egypt’s ruling Higher Military Council hopes to finalise constitutional amendments within 10 days and put them to a referendum within two months, paving the way to democratic elections, members have told youth activists.
  10. Britain mulls ban on Peace TV
    LONDON – The British government is planning to ban an Islamic Channel to stop the sermons of Muslim preacher Zakir Naik in the UK.