1. Top Bahraini shia Cleric: Freedom Storm Begins and Will not Quiet Soon
    Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qasim severely condemned the governments discrinimination against public wich resulted grassroots of people and said: government should realises innocent prisoners, eliminates corruption and some other important thing which any delay will lead to more irreparable losses.
  2. Struggle over Succession of King Abdullah Overestimates in Palace at the absence of the King
    Abdullah’s medical condition had deteriorated sharply over the last few days. The situation came very appropriate for Saudi officials to start fights over the succession of the unfortunate ill king
  3. Karbala police arrest 10 terrorists
    Security forces in Karbala arrested 10 suspects on Tuesday, according to director of the Karbala police’s media department.
  4. 3rd mass grave found in Diala, Iraq
    Security authorities found on Tuesday a mass grave in northeast of Baaquba, according to a security source.
  5. Libya Intifada: Police attacked protesters, One Killed, 15 Injureds (Urgent)
    Libya Intifada: Police attacked protesters, One Killed, 15 Injureds
  6. Wahhabi Razdobudko’s wife suspected as Dagestan suicide bomber
    The woman who carried out a suicide bombing in the village of Gubden in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Dagestan on Monday evening has been preliminarily identified as the wife of Vitaly Razdobudko, one of the leaders of the so-called Nogai Jamaat, a source in the Dagestani Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.
  7. The necessity of knowing foreign language in Islamic world
    “Ahl-ul-bayt (AS) World Assembly are in touch with more than 120 countries,” said Hojat-ol-Islam Akhtari.
  8. Killers of Two Bahrani Shias Detained by Police / Minister Apologised Killing of Two Demonstrators
    Policemen behind the killing of two Shiites in Bahrain have been arrested, as protesters continued their demonstration in the centre of the capital, Manama.
  9. Bahraini Telecommunication Network Fires 50 Shias for Participating in Protests
    According to informed sources, a Mobile Telecommunications Company known as ZAIN has discharged 50 of its Shia employees from work due to their participation in protests against government discriminations.
  10. Bahrain Regime Change Protest Backed by Press
    Hundreds of Bahrainis took part in the funeral of one of two Shiite protesters killed in clashes with police on Wednesday as angry demonstrators occupied a Manama square demanding regime change