1. Birth of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS)
    The sun of the existence of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) arose from the lap of his mother Umm-e-Farwah on the 17th of Rabiul Awal, 83rd year Hijrah, in the city of Madina. Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) has the same birth date as that of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
  2. ‘Emulate Prophet Muhammed(sawa) leadership qualities’
    NIGERIAN political class has been advised to emulate the leadership qualities and style of the Holy Prophet Muhammed with a view to making life meaningful for Nigerians
  3. Libya unrest: Scores killed in Benghazi ‘massacre’
    Details have emerged of huge casualty figures in the Libyan city of Benghazi, where troops have launched a brutal crackdown on protesters.
  4. Bahrain opposition set demands for talks with royals
    Opposition groups and anti-government protesters in Bahrain say their demands must be met before they will enter into talks with the Gulf state’s monarchy.
  5. Morocco protesters demand political change
    Thousands of people have marched in Moroccan cities to demand that King Mohammed VI give up some of his powers.
  6. Nato accused of killing dozens of Afghan civilians
    Nato has said it will investigate reports that it has killed dozens of civilians in recent days in ground and air strikes in eastern Afghanistan.
  7. Algeria police prevent fresh opposition rally
    Algerian security forces have prevented anti-government protesters from staging a march through the capital.
  8. Ahlul Bayt’s (AS) Fiqh Digital Library Unveiled
    At a ceremony the software of the comprehensive library of Ahlul Bayt’s Fiqh (jurisprudence) was unveiled on, February 19 in the holy city of Qom.
  9. Attackers raid bank in Afghanistan, kill 8
    KABUL, Afghanistan – Gunmen wearing explosives vests stormed a bank in eastern Afghanistan Saturday as government employees were waiting to be paid, killing at least eight people and wounding scores of others in a standoff punctuated by deadly explosions.
  10. Darul: Madani Duo Denies Reports of Truce
    Efforts to broker peace between Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind’s warring factions of Arshad Madani and Mahmood Madani have suffered a setback, with both leaders dismissing media reports in this regard.