1. Tripoli protesters ‘under fire’
    Anti-government protesters in Tripoli have come under heavy gunfire, latest reports from the Libyan capital say.
  2. Demonstration turn violent in central Baghdad
    Thousands of protestors rallied in central Baghdad on Friday, sparking sporadic clashes with Iraqi security forces which have tightened security and virtually locked down the capital since Thursday night.
  3. Saudi youths call for rally in Jeddah
    A group of Saudi youth has called for a rally in the southwestern coastal city of Jeddah to show solidarity with the pro-democracy uprisings and revolutions across the Arab world.
  4. Darul Uloom criticises Ajmal for remarks on Majlis-e-Shura
    Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom today demanded the resignation of All India United Democratic Front President and MP, Badruddin Ajmal, from its top policy making body for reportedly describing it as a political forum.
  5. Saudis plan pro-democracy rally
    People in Saudi Arabia’s eastern Qatif region are planning to hold a rally in support of the Libyan revolution and the uprising in Bahrain.
  6. India working out plan to expedite oil payment to Iran: FM
    India on Friday said it is working out an arrangement to expedite payments to Iran for the imported oil and oil products.
  7. Iraqi forces kill al-Qaeda ‘war minister’ in raid
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi security forces killed the top military leader of an al-Qaeda front group, surrounding his hideout and firing shots that blew up his booby-trapped getaway car, officials said Friday.
  8. Iran sells more oil as Libyan exports dwindle
    Iran is taking advantage of Libya’s turmoil and dwindling exports to sell more crude that it has found difficult to offload due to economic sanctions.
  9. Tens of thousands rally across Yemen
    SANAA — Vast crowds took to the streets across Yemen after the weekly Muslim prayers Friday to demand veteran President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down in mass protests that left nine injured in clashes with police.
  10. Opposition leader says he is being prevented from returning to Bahrain
    The leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition party said Friday he didn’t know when he can go back home and blamed the kingdom for blocking his return.