1. Al-Jazeera to reopen Baghdad bureau
    Iraq has given pan-Arab satellite television channel Al-Jazeera permission to reopen its bureau in Baghdad more than six years after it was originally banned.
  2. Jordan PM wins confidence vote
    Jordan’s Prime Minister Maaruf Bakhit won a close vote of confidence for his government from parliament on Thursday, on the eve of an opposition demonstration demanding reforms.
  3. France to enforce Muslim veil ban from April
    France will start enforcing a ban next month on full Islamic face veils, officials said on Thursday.
  4. Arab summit to be postponed until May
    BAGHDAD (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Arab League foreign ministers decided on Wednesday in Cairo to postpone the Arab summit, scheduled to be held in Baghdad by the end of March, until next May 15, Iraq’s representative to the AL, Qeis al-Azzawi, said.
  5. Saudi Arabia contagion triggers Gulf rout
    Fears of sectarian uprisings in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have set off the first serious wave of investor flight from the Gulf, compounding market turmoil as civil war in Libya pushes Brent crude over $116 a barrel.
  6. Protests spreading in Bahraini capital
    Anti-government demonstrations in the Bahraini Capital, Manama, have spread from Pearl Square — as the hub of the protests — to the other parts of the city.
  7. Egypt to hold march of millions Friday
    Egyptian opposition activists have called for another million-man march on Friday to pressure interim Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to step down.
  8. Gaddafi’s children want him to step down
    Following the popular uprising in Libya, all of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s children, except Seif ul-Eslam, want their father to resign.
  9. Hundreds of protesters camp in Oman
    Hundreds of Omani anti-government protesters have camped outside the Consultative Council in the capital Muscat to demand political reform and better life conditions.
  10. Gaddafi Accepts Chavez Mediation Offer: Al-Jazeera
    Libya’s ruler Muammar Gaddafi has accepted an offer from his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez to mediate in Libya’s political crisis, Al-Jazeera Television reported on Thursday.