1. Iraqi official quits over Kirkuk dispute
    KIRKUK, Iraq — A top politician from Iraq’s oil-rich Kirkuk province resigned on Tuesday, saying he was frustrated at being caught in the middle of a continuing impasse between the central government and the autonomous Kurdish region.
  2. Winds blowing Japan radioactivity over ocean
    GENEVA – Winds are dispersing radioactive material from Japan’s quake-crippled nuclear power plant over the Pacific Ocean, away from Japan and other Asian countries, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said on Tuesday.
  3. Scoring victories, Gaddafi tells rebels: surrender
    Muammar Gaddafi’s forces struck the rebellion’s heartland with airstrikes, missiles and artillery on Tuesday, to take back a city that serves as a crucial gateway for the fighters.
  4. UAE for ensuring freedom of Press
    Shaikh Mohammed stressed the importance of ensuring freedom of the Press and media persons in order to enable them to perform their mission to the fullest.
  5. Tribesmen damage oil pipeline in Yemen
    Heavily armed Yemeni tribal fighters have blown up an oil pipeline in the eastern province of Marib that was damaged by explosives a day earlier.
  6. Very Urgent: Saudi Occupation Forces Severely Attacked Salmaniya and Sitrah Hospital and Kidnapped Injured in Bahrain / 2nd Update
    According to informed sources in Bahrain, Saudi military forces severely attacked Salamaniya hospital. Hundreds of protesters rushed toward the hospital to protect the injured protesters and medical staff.
  7. Urgent: Iran Summons Saudi, Swiss Envoys over Riyadh’s Military Intervention in Bahrain
    The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned the Swiss and Saudi ambassadors to Tehran to protest at Riyadh’s military intervention in Bahrain and Washington’s support for the move.
  8. New Fatwa By Saudi Wahhabi Extrimist Clerics: Bahrainis are Infidel, Kill Them All
    Saudi Wahhabi extremist clerics encaurged thier army by issuing a Fatwa (religious verdict) to kill Bahraini people as much as they can.
  9. Najaf Rushes to Get Ready as Islamic Culture Capital
    A half-billion-dollar effort to showcase Iraq’s holiest city to the world is coming down to the wire as many contracts remain unsigned and funds are being hastily re-allocated.