1. Indonesia issues red alert as volcano erupts
    JAKARTA — Indonesia issued a red alert Friday after Mount Karangetang on the island of Sulawesi erupted, sending lava and searing gas clouds down its slopes, a volcanologist said.
  2. Important Fatwa of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani: Is is Duty of Eevery Muslim to Help the Oppressed People of Bahrain
    The issue that is now important is this … what is really important and believers should inform each other is this issue: The oppression that is now in Bahrain… not only Shi’ah and Muslims of Bahrain… in this insurgence by foreign countries over a shelter less nation… this does not lead to any rest for Muslims… this tragedy is impossible to tell.
  3. Iraqi parliament suspended its session in solidarity with the people of Bahrain
    Iraq’s parliament speaker suspended the 44th session on Thursday until March 27th, in solidarity with the people of Bahrain.
  4. Saudi Arabia: Million-Man-March on Friday in Solidarity with Bahrani People
    Fresh protests erupt in Saudi Arabia’s eastern region of Qatif as government dispatches tanks to the troubled areas and protesters reiterate calls for politicalreform and release of prisoners.
  5. Salmaniya Hospital in Critical Conditions; Women Threatened with Being Stripped by Saudi Wahhabi Forces
    Cameras switched off and Saudi Wahhabi forces were beaten women and injured people and threatened with being stripped.
  6. Bahrainis hold Friday rally amid ban
    Several thousand of Bahraini anti-government protesters thronged the streets of the town of Draz after Friday prayers, despite a government ban on demonstrations.
  7. Over 34 protesters shot dead, dozens injured in Yemen rallies (updated)
    More than 34 people were killed and scores wounded during a demonstration in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Friday, medics and witnesses said.
  8. Qatar Joins to Kill Bahriani People / Qatar has Sent Troops to Bahrain
    Qatar officials acknowledges sending troops to Bahrain as part of GCC forces
  9. Millions of Iranian Staged Protests to Condemn Killing of Oppressed Bahraini
    Worshipers have staged protests to condemn the massacre of defenseless and innocent Bahrainsi following the Friday Prayers in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
  10. Qom seminary teachers back Bahraini Muslims, scold Saudi Arabia
    The Society of Qom Seminary Teachers issued a statement on Thursday expressing support for the oppressed Muslims in Bahrain and censured Saudi Arabia for sending troops to Bahrain to “kill Muslim brothers”.