1. Grand Ayatollah Sistani Closed all Religious Seminaries in Solidarity with Bahrain People
    Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani’s office issued a statement that all religious seminaries in the holy city of Najaf will be remain closed on Saturday in solidarity with the people of Bahrain and to protest against the massacres and atrocities of innocent people by Saudi and Bahraini forces.
  2. Saudi Army Demolishing Mosques in Manama, Bahrain
    According to Al Amalam TV, Saudi occupying army are demolishing many mosques in Manama, Bahrain.
  3. Australian show their solidarity with innocent Bahraini people / PIC
    Australian citizens gathered in infront of State Library Melbourne City to show their solidarity with innocent Bahraini people.
  4. French military jets over Libya
    French military jets are preventing forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi from attacking the rebel-held city of Benghazi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy says.
  5. Large turnout for Egypt’s constitutional referendum
    Long queues are reported at polling stations across Egypt for a referendum on constitutional reforms.
  6. Syria unrest: Tear gas fired at Deraa funeral
    Syrian security forces have fired tear gas to disperse crowds at the funeral of two people killed in anti-government protests on Friday, witnesses say.
  7. Yemen declares state of emergency
    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has declared a state of emergency across the country as the out-of favor regime intensifies its crackdown on anti-government protesters.
  8. Saudi king warns against unrest while boosting benefits
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has warned that threats to the nation’s security and stability will not be tolerated.
  9. 10 Shias injured in clashes with police
    RIYADH: About 10 Saudi Shia protesters were hurt in clashes with riot police yesterday as they rallied in support of Bahraini Shias facing a deadly crackdown, a witness said. The clash took place in the city of Omran, in the oil-rich Eastern Province.
  10. Iraq weighs if US troops should stay after 8 years
    The American invasion of Iraq was supposed to take only a few months: a quick blitz to depose dictator Saddam Hussein, find and dismantle weapons of mass destruction and go home.