1. Coalition forces pound Libya; Gaddafi vows ‘revenge’ against West
    The US-led military coalition today hit Libyan defence targets with cruise missiles and launched air attacks as Muammar Gaddafi vowed to open his arms depots to the people to retaliate against the Western “aggression”.
  2. Bahrain opposition legislators ask United Nations to stop crackdown on pro-democracy protest
    Bahrain’s opposition asked for U.N. and American intervention in the government crackdown on the Shiite protests trying to loosen the monarchy’s grip, in a brief protest Sunday in the capital that disbanded before police could arrive to break it up.
  3. Bahrain hospital on frontline in protest crackdown
    It was just after midnight when armed men in military uniforms came to the hospital bed of Ali Mansour Abdel-Karim Nasser, who was injured by pellets fired during a clash with riot police. He said what came next was worse: he was bound, beaten and mocked in the hallway of Bahrain’s main state-run hospital.
  4. The last voyage of a non-Muslim devotee of Imam Husain(a.s.)
    The city of Faizabad was filled with an air of gloom and mourning on the death of Ishwar Chand Sharma, a great devotee of Hazrat Imam Husain, who used to come to Faizabad every year from his hometown Kaithal in Haryana for the past 28 years to participate in majalis and sing dirge on the occasion of Muharram and used to stay at Raath Haveli, a Shia locality.
  5. Saudi-Bahraini Forces Kidnapped More than 100 Protesters, Out of them 4 Martyred by Police
    A former Bahraini lawmaker says that around 100 people have gone missing during the Manama-ordered crackdown on the countrywide popular revolution.
  6. Saudi Wahhabi Forces Prevented Kuwaiti Medical Team
    Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman said in a conference that Kuwaiti medical team heading back to their country from Bahrain, due to prevention by Saudi Occupier Forces.
  7. Pakistan: Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40
    Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border.
  8. Bahrain vents its anger on King Hamad
    Thousands of Bahrainis mourning the martyrdom of a protester have staged another anti-government demonstration in the capital Manama, calling for an overthrow of the Bahraini regime.
  9. Bahrain Ulema Council Issued Fatwa Forbidding Presence in Workplaces
    Bahrain Ulema Council issued Fatwa (Religious Verdict) forbidding presence in workplaces and said those who go will be Traitor.
  10. Mine blast kills 7 in Balochistan
    A coal mine in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan collapsed following a blast caused by methane gas, killing seven miners and trapping 43 others, officials said.