1. Turkish navy to help enforce Libya embargo
    Ankara offers ships and submarine to help enforce arms embargo on Libya as talks over NATO’s role in Libya continue.
  2. Saudi Arabia to hold municipal polls
    Saudi Arabia will hold municipal elections this month in a move seen to be a political concession to protesters who have called for major political changes in the kingdom.
  3. Fear of the future in Yemen
    As the opposition movement gains momentum, concerns are raised over who or what could take over from president Saleh.
  4. Bahrain union suspends general strike
    Bahrain’s largest trade union has suspended a week-long general strike in a move that could help the country’s embattled economy, but the opposition said strikes could still be used to apply leverage over the government.
  5. Bahrain: mourners defy martial law and march through Manama
    Around 3,000 mourners defied martial law to march through the Bahraini capital on Tuesday in the city’s biggest protest since the government and Saudi forces suppressed a pro-democracy movement.
  6. Terrorists trying to target Islamabad, says Malik
    Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Wednesday that terrorists were trying to draw the attention of the world by attacking the capital of Pakistan but they will not succeed.
  7. Pakistan food prices too high: UN
    Pakistan’s government has pushed food prices too high for its impoverished population and malnutrition is rising despite crop recovery after dire floods, a UN relief official said Wednesday.
  8. One child dies every minute in Pakistan
    In Pakistan the situation of child health is pathetic and serious efforts are needed by the government and civil society to save lives of hundreds of thousands of kids, who die every year from preventable diseases.
  9. Florida pastor burns Koran in ‘execution’
    A fundamentalist pastor who drew international attention to his tiny Florida church by threatening to mark the anniversary of 9/11 by burning copies of the Koran has finally followed through on his promise, several months late and with only a small handful of parishioners in attendance.
  10. Bahrain airlines stop Iran, Iraq, Lebanon flights
    Bahraini airlines have suspended flights to Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, where Shiite communities have criticised the kingdom’s response to Shiite-led protests in the Gulf state, the airlines said Wednesday.