1. Libya rebels, under fire, beat rapid retreat east
    Rebels beat a rapid retreat east on Wednesday, ceding land and a series of oil towns as quickly as they had taken them after Muammar Gaddafi’s forces unleashed rockets and artillery on lightly armed rebel forces.
  2. Protests in Latakia after Assad speech -residents
    Hundreds of people took to the streets on Wednesday in the port city of Latakia chanting “freedom” after President Bashar al-Assad made a speech playing down unprecedented protests against his rule.
  3. Bahrain opposition head wants Iran, Saudi out
    Bahrain’s Shiite opposition head Ali Salman today warned Iran and Saudi Arabia against using his country as a “battlefield” in a proxy war.Salman urged Iran to keep out of the Sunni-ruled state’s affairs and called on Saudi troops to leave the country.
  4. Rights group: Bahrain targets wounded protesters
    Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that Bahrain authorities were harassing and isolating hospital patients wounded in anti-government protests when security forces began a crackdown in the kingdom two weeks ago.
  5. ‘Bahraini villages besieged by troops’
    Bahraini security forces backed by troops from Saudi Arabia have put several villages near the capital city of Manama under siege.
  6. Notice for Terrorism against Shia in Parachinar must be taken, Jafaria Alliance
    President Jafaria Alliance Pakistan, Allama Abbas Kumaili addressed a press conference held in Karachi on 29th March,2011 that tribes in Parachinar are facing death everyday and becoming the target of Talibans migrating from Afghanistan.
  7. Bahraini political societies announce Saturday day of mourning for martyrs
    Bahraini political societies announced on Saturday April 2, 2011 a day of mourning for the martyrs of Bahrain who have martyred in order to achieve the legitimate demands
  8. Egypt to elect new president by November
    Egypt is to elect a new president by November to replace veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak who was ousted last month after 18 days of mass protests, the transitional military government said Wednesday.
  9. Iraqi PM Maliki vows to punish Tikrit attackers
    Iraq’s prime minister vowed on Wednesday to punish those behind an attack on a provincial council headquarters in Saddam Hussein’s hometown in which 58 people were killed after gunmen stormed in and took hostages.
  10. Erdogan makes first visit to Iraq Kurd region
    Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was welcomed on Tuesday as the first Turkish leader to visit Iraq’s Kurdish region, on a trip laden with significance born of Turkey’s own history of conflict with its Kurdish minority.