1. Oman security forces detain protesters
    Nearly 60 people have been arrested at a protest demanding the release of those detained in a government crackdown in the Omani city of Sohar.
  2. Urgent ; The Arrest of Sheikh Mohammed Hassan Executive Director of Bahrain Islamic Scholars Council
    Sheikh Mohammed Hassan executive director of Bahrain islamic scholars council was arrested today by riot police. He was taken to an unknown destination.
  3. Iraqis protest Bahrain crackdown
    Hundreds of Iraqis have taken to the streets in a show of solidarity with Bahraini anti-government protesters, as the Manama government continues its brutal crackdown.
  4. Bahraini regime prosecuting teachers
    The Bahraini education ministry has reportedly formed a committee tasked with taking action against school officials taking part in anti-government protests and strikes.
  5. At least 50 injured in Iraq’s Kurdistan
    At least 50 people have been injured in clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Iraq’s semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan.
  6. Abu Dhabi crash involving 127 vehicles
    More than 60 people were injured and one killed in a fatal multiple road crash involving 127 vehicles on Shaikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Highway from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on Saturday morning.
  7. Massive fire in Sharjah diesel warehouses
    Massive fire started at 2 pm in diesel warehouses belong to oil refinery company in Al Hamriay port of Sharjah.
  8. Six dead in attack on security post west of Baghdad
    Six members of the Iraqi security forces were killed just before dawn when their control post in the village of Kubisa, 200 kilometres west of Baghdad, was attacked by armed raiders, a police spokesman said.
  9. Thousands call for freedom in Syria
    Syrian forces killed at least three protesters in a Damascus, as thousands turned out in pro-democracy marches despite a reform gesture by President Bashar Al Assad.
  10. Libya rebels say hit by coalition air strike
    BREGA, Libya – At least 10 rebels were killed by a coalition air strike on Friday, fighters at the scene said on Saturday, in an increasingly chaotic battle with Muammar Gaddafi’s forces over the oil town of Brega.