1. Strikes destroy 30 pct of Libya military power
    BRUSSELS – Western powers have destroyed nearly a third of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s military power since launching a military campaign against him last month, NATO officials said on Tuesday.
  2. Iraq suffers from heavy legacy of unexploded mines
    BAGHDAD — Twenty-five percent of the world’s unexploded land mines are buried in Iraq, making it one of the most contaminated countries, the environment ministry said Tuesday.
  3. Nine slain in Iraq, six from one family
    BAGHDAD — At least nine people were slain in separate attacks in Iraq on Tuesday, including six members of the family of a university professor who died in an attack last year, security sources said.
  4. UN rights chief alarmed by Yemen crackdown
    GENEVA — The UN human rights chief on Tuesday expressed alarm at what was described as the disproportionate use of force by Yemen authorities against protesters, noting that up to 100 people have been killed in two months.
  5. Jurisprudential Center for Halal Standard to Be Launched in Qom
    A Jurisprudential Center for Halal Standards is to be set up in Qom city in the future, according to a source familiar with the issue.
  6. 9th Vol. of Quran Encyclopedia To Be Displayed at Tehran Book Fair
    The 9th volume of Quran encyclopedia compiled by the research group of the Holy Quran Culture and Teachings Center will be presented at the 24th international book fair in Tehran.
  7. Bahrain kills youth removes organs
    Since the US-approved invasion of Bahrain by Saudi forces, the bodies of protesters killed in the clashes are being returned to their families, albeit with various organs missing.
  8. Bahrain Fires Hundreds of Strike Workers
    The Bahraini government has reportedly fired more than 250 workers for taking part in the country’s general strikes which were planned for solidarity with anti-government protesters.
  9. Philippines seeks Persian Gulf investors for Islamic bank
    A Muslim body backed by the Philippines government wants Middle East investors to take a stake in the country’s sole sharia lender to help kickstart its Islamic banking industry.
  10. Saudi Arabia to Circumvent the UN Committees by Changing the Plates of Tanks in Bahrain
    According to informed sources Saudi security forces in Bahrain have hidden many armor and tanks and changed their plates to circumvent the UN committees.