1. Gaddafi using civilians to curb air strikes: France
    NATO air strikes in Libya are being hampered by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces hunkering down near civilians, France said on Wednesday after rebels accused the West of doing little to stop his siege of Misrata.
  2. Grand Ayatollah Golpaygani Demands Saudi King to Withdaraw Forces from Bahrain and Apologize all Muslims
    Grand shia Ayatollah expressed regret over the American-favored government of Saudi king and urged his forces to leave Bahrain immediately and apologize all Muslims.
  3. Iranian Grand Shia Clerics and Islamic Scholars in gathering against Bahrain Massacre
    Jurisprudents, Islamic Scholars and elites took participate in the gathering staged on Wednesday in Qom to condemn the cruel behavior towards the innocent Bahraini people.
  4. Syria reverses ban on Islamic face veil in schools
    Syria closed the country’s only casino on Wednesday and reversed a decision that bans teachers from wearing the Islamic veil — moves seen an attempt to reach out to conservative Muslims ahead of calls for pro-democracy demonstrations.
  5. Al Qaeda bolstering presence in Libya, Algeria says
    Algeria is concerned by a noticeably increased al Qaeda presence in neighboring Libya and worried militant groups could lay their hands on weapons circulating in the country, a senior official said on Tuesday.
  6. Moroccan government promises reforms
    The Moroccan government has promised democratic reforms of the press code at a meeting with journalists who pressed for the lifting of reporting constraints, the country’s press union said Wednesday.
  7. Anti-Mosque Destroyer Sentiments Rising in Bahrain / Saudi Forces Burns Holy Quran in the Mosque
    Anti-Saudi sentiments have risen in Bahrain after a new footage showed a mosque being destroyed by Saudi forces in an attack in the northern town of Kawarah. The footage showed burnt pages of the holy Qur’an buried under the debris.
  8. Pentagon chief visits Saudi Arabia
    US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates arrived in Riyadh on Wednesday to meet with Saudi King Abdullah, as the Arabian Peninsula is shaken by spiraling unrest in Yemen.
  9. Roadside bombs in Baghdad kill 3, wound 11
    A Baghdad policeman says the explosions took place only minutes apart late on Tuesday in the capital’s Shia-dominated Utaifiya neighborhood. He says the bombs were planted about 200 yards (meters) away from a cafe and a Shia mosque.
  10. Kingdom to hire domestic helps from Bangladesh in large numbers
    Saudi Arabia will recruit 10,000 housemaids from Bangladesh every year. This follows a Saudi proposal accepted by Bangladesh at a high-level meeting in Dhaka on Tuesday.