1. Libyan rebels near Ajdabiya ‘killed in Nato air strike’
    Rebels in eastern Libya say their forces have been mistakenly hit in a Nato air raid.
  2. Robert Gates: US Iraq troops ‘could stay longer’
    US troops could if required by Iraq stay in the country beyond the agreed withdrawal date of 31 December, 2011, the US defence secretary has said.
  3. Oil tops $110 after Japan suffers another blow
    Oil prices jumped above $110 a barrel, a fresh 2-1/2 year high, after Japan was hit with another major earthquake.
  4. Bahrain Grows More Divided
    Nearly a month after the arrival of troops from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has become more deeply divided along sectarian lines and is thus a growing threat to become a flashpoint in the broader confrontation between the U.S. and its Arab allies and Iran in the Persian Gulf.
  5. Bahraini crackdown even turns hospitals into danger zones for protesters
    The government of Bahrain’s increasingly brutal crackdown on protesters has even turned local hospitals into dangerous places, according to a new report from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – or Doctors Without Borders, the medical humanitarian aid organization.
  6. Syria ‘to give Kurds citizenship’ after 50 yrs
    President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday granted citizenship to Syria’s Kurds, the majority in the northeast who have been denied nationality for nearly half a century, said SANA state news agency.
  7. ”Shias involved in zardozi work should be given govt benefits”
    Shia Muslims, involved in chickankari and zardozi work, should be provided housing, employment, BPL ration cards and other facilities.
  8. UN: Stop discriminating Bahrain unionists
    The head of the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) has called on Bahraini authorities to refrain from discriminating against leaders and members of trade union.
  9. Zardari’s reference to SC triggers heated debate
    President Asif Ali Zardari’s constitutional reference sent to the Supreme Court seeking its opinion on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s trial and execution by military ruler Gen. Ziaul Haq has stirred some heated debate in the country. The court acted promptly to fix April 13 the date for hearing the reference. The former prime minister was charged with conspiracy to murder a party dissident who escaped the attack but whose father got killed.
  10. Suicide bomber kills one in Pakistan
    A suicide attacker rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into the gate of a police officer’s home in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan on Thursday, killing a guard and injuring nine others, including the officer.