1. Syrian city of Deraa hit by deadly clashes
    At least 23 protesters have been killed during anti-government rallies in the southern Syrian city of Deraa.
  2. Pentagon chief in Iraq’s Kurd region
    US Defence Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region Friday for talks with regional president Massud Barzani on security needs after American troops pull out this year.
  3. Iran gas pipelines explode, no reason given
    Three gas pipelines have exploded in an Iranain province south of the capital Tehran, a news agency reported on Friday, saying the cause was unknown and giving no details of damage or casualties.
  4. Turkish official shot, several taken hostage
    A gunman shot and seriously wounded a provincial manager of Turkey’s social security institution in southern Turkey and took several people hostage on Friday, state-run Anatolian news agency reported.
  5. Sufis to form popular committees to protect tombs
    The Supreme Council for Sufi Orders held an emergency session Wednesday to discuss the continued attacks on shrines and the need to rebuild the demolished and vandalized tombs.
  6. Salafis arrested for demolishing Sufi shrines
    Security forces have arrested two Salafis suspected of demolishing the shrines of revered Sufi figures in the Delta city of Qualiub.
  7. Saudi Shi’ites protest anew at Bahrain intervention
    Hundreds of Saudi Shi’ites protested in the kingdom’s oil-producing east on Friday seeking the withdrawal of Saudi troops from neighbouring Bahrain and political rights and freedoms at home, demonstrators said.
  8. Islamic university opens in Tirana
    An Islamic university was inaugurated in Tirana on Thursday (April 7th), the first ever in Albania.
  9. New auction sets record for Islamic art piece
    A 16th century illustrated portfolio from the “Shahnameh” (“Book of Kings”) of Shah Tahmasp of Persia, fetched 7.4 million pounds ($12 million) Wednesday, a new auction record for an Islamic work of art.