1. Shias accuse Saudi Arabia of mobilizing Salafis to disrupt Egypt’s unity
    Shia Muslims gathered in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Cairo on Saturday to denounce the Saudi stance on decrees permitting the demolition of shrines, as well as its funding of Salafi movements in Egypt.
  2. Gaddafi forces bombard and enter strategic rebel town
    Muammar Gaddafi’s artillery heavily bombarded Ajdabiyah and his forces forced their way inside on Sunday in their most determined assault on the strategic eastern town for at least a week.
  3. Syrian rights group says 26 killed in Deraa
    A Syrian rights group said on Sunday that 26 protesters had been killed in the southern city of Deraa and two in the central province of Homs after security forces opened fire on a peaceful gatherings of protesters.
  4. British Muslim women arrested at protest against French veil ban
    British muslim women were among more than 60 people arrested at a rally against France’s burka ban in Paris yesterday.
  5. Bahraini Forces Arrested Member of Amal Islamic Society ‘Muhammad Ali al Alawi’
    According to informed sources, Bahraini police backed by Saudi forces attacked the house of Muhammad Ali al Alawi, member of Amal Islamic Society and arrest him.
  6. Iran military plane crashes, pilot killed
    An Iranian military training aircraft crashed Sunday near the city of Shiraz, killing the pilot, the state news agency IRNA reported.
  7. Egypt protesters defy military after crackdown
    Several hundred protesters who staged an overnight demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir square after a deadly military crackdown remained in the square on Sunday after the army backed down on a threat to disperse them.
  8. Iran expels ‘several’ Kuwait diplomats:TV
    Iran has expelled “several” Kuwaiti diplomats in retaliation for the explusion of Tehran’s diplomats accused of spying, the Arabic-language Al-Alam television reported on Sunday.
  9. Libya: African Union mission arrives for Tripoli talks
    An African Union mission has arrived in Libya to try to negotiate a ceasefire between rebel forces and those loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi.
  10. Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry to host the Islamic Trade
    Exhibition and Islamic Countries’ Private Sector Consortium Economists experts called on Islamic countries to support trade and activate mechanisms of economic and financial cooperation between member countries, and reinforce efforts by the Islamic Development Bank to activate Islamic financing, and find alternatives to the traditional financial system, and strengthen small and medium enterprises as an engine of economic growth in Muslim countries.