1. Saudi Wahhabi Forces Destroyed 8 Bahrain Shia Masjids, Tragic Photos
    The Saudi-backed Bahraini government forces have intensified their crackdown on anti-regime protesters and have also demolished 8 Shia Masjids. Saudi and bahraini Wahhabi forces shamelessly destroyed 8 Shia Masjids: “Imam Sadiq Masjid” in Salmabad region, “Rasul Azam Masjid” in Karzakan city, “al Barbaqi Masjid” on A’ali region, “Al-Watiyya Masjid” in Mahuz village, “Imam Jawad (a.s) and Um al-Banin (s.a) Masjids ” in Hamad town, “Imam Hasan Askari Masjid” in Manama and “Fadak al Zahra Masjid” in Hamad Town.
  2. Bahrain Bans Sayyeda Zahra’s Mourning Processions
    Clashes broke out Saturday night between Bahraini security forces and participants in a procession in commemoration of the martyrdom of Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra’s, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and wife of Imam Ali (AS), in different areas in Bahrain after the Interior Ministry banned these processions.
  3. Saudi Arabia threatens to recall envoys from Iran
    Saudi Arabia has threatened to recall its diplomats from Iran unless the Islamic republic improves their protection, the kingdom’s deputy foreign minister told reporters on Sunday.
  4. Over 85 injured in clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Sulaimaniya
    The final toll from clashes between demonstrators and security forces in northern Iraq’s Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya has reached 86 injured, including 11 security men, the Director of the city’s Emergency Hospital said on Monday.
  5. Taliban claim training 1,000 bombers at secret camps
    Pakistani Taliban have claimed that they are running three secret camps in South and North Waziristan tribal regions close to the Afghan border to train potential suicide bombers with their total strength exceeding 1,000.
  6. Quran Encyclopedia for Teenagers to Be Unveiled at Tehran Book Fair
    The Islamic Sciences and Culture Research Center will publish the Quran Encyclopedia for teenagers soon to present it at the international book fair in Tehran.
  7. Martyrdom of Lady of Ladies, Hazrat Fatima (s.a)
    The love of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) for his one and only beloved daughter was unprecedented. At a time when ignorant Arabs considered a female child as source of disgrace and a burden upon her family – the Messenger of Allah (SWT) accorded her with highest degree of respect and showered his undying love over her…
  8. “Bahrain attacks religious symbols”
    The Bahraini regime is trying to systematically remove societal structures and religious symbols attached to the freedom movement in the Persian Gulf country, says a rights activist.
  9. Oman will spend$2.6b to satisfy people’s demands
    MUSCAT — Oman plans to spend one billion rials ($2.6 billion) to ‘satisfy the demands’ of protesters in the country who seek jobs and reforms, state television reported on Sunday.
  10. Taliban breaches Afghan defence HQ, kills two
    KABUL — A gunman in Afghan army uniform opened fire inside Kabul’s defence ministry Monday, killing two soldiers and wounding seven in an audacious strike at the heart of government claimed by the Taliban.