1. Yemen: UN Security Council fails to reach agreement
    UN Security Council members have called for restraint and dialogue between protesters and authorities in Yemen.
  2. Rally on “Freedom of Islamic Hijab in Turkey” to Be Held in Kocaeli
    A rally in support of freedom of Islamic Hijab in Turkey is to be held on April 30 in Kocaeli Province.
  3. Taliban Terrorists Martyr Dr Mumtaz Hyder Naqvi in Quetta
    The head of psychology department of Bolan Medical College Quetta, Dr. Mumtaz Haider Naqvi was martyred on Tuesday by the Taliban terrorists.
  4. Urgent: Saudi and Bahrain Forces Stormed 253 Shia Masjids; 29 Completely Destroyed, 50 Holy Quran Burned
    Saudi Wahhabi forces backed by Bahraini police severely stormed 253 Shia Masjids (Mosques) which 29 Masjids completely destroyed and more than 210 others runed.
  5. Kurdish party threatens Turkey election boycott
    ISTANBUL – Turkey’s main Kurdish party threatened to withdraw from June’s parliamentary election after 12 independents were barred from standing in a move drawing criticism on Tuesday from across the political spectrum.
  6. Top Iraq Kurd leader offers to resign amid demos
    SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — A senior politician in Iraqi Kurdistan has criticised missing freedoms in the autonomous region and offered to step down from the party leadership, as new rallies Tuesday left seven hurt.
  7. Motorcycle gunmen strafe Yemen protest
    SANAA, Yemen – Gunmen on motorcycles sped by and opened fire on hundreds of demonstrators camped out in the early hours of the morning Wednesday in a Yemeni port city, killing one and wounding several, an opposition activist said.
  8. Britain to send military advisers to Libyan rebels
    TRIPOLI, Libya — Britain is sending up to 20 military advisers to help Libya’s ragtag rebel force break a military stalemate with Moammar Gaddafi’s army, even as NATO acknowledges that airstrikes alone cannot stop the daily shelling of the besieged opposition-held city of Misrata.
  9. Libya foreign min suggests elections if bombs stop
    LONDON – Libya’s government could hold elections, including on the future of leader Muammar Gaddafi, if Western air strikes stopped, the BBC quoted Foreign Minister Abdelati Obeidi as saying.