1. Anti-US protestors in Pakistan spend night on road
    A large number of people, protesting against the U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal regions have spent the night on the main NATO supply route in the country’s northwest, organizers said Sunday.
  2. Grand Ayatollah Golpaigani Slams Sacrilegious Acts in Bahrain
    Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaigani has condemned Bahrain and Saudi rulers for setting Quran on fire and demolishing mosques.
  3. Yemen’s Saleh to Quit within Weeks
    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to step down within weeks in return for immunity from prosecution, but protesters said they would keep up their demonstrations until he went.
  4. Several killed in southern Syria
    As Syria grapples with unrest, several people have been killed in the southern town of Daraa following the entrance of security forces into the area.
  5. Five billion dinars to compensate Karbala citizens harmed by recent rain, dust storms
    Iraq’s Finance Ministry has allocated 5 billion Iraqi dinars to compensate citizens of southwestern Iraq’s Karbala Province, whose houses were wrecked due to recent rain and dust storms, and the maintenance of its electric network in the city.
  6. 540 Taliban terrorists flee Kandahar jail via tunnel
    At least 540 Taliban militants, including 106 commanders, have escaped from Kandahar central prison in southern Afghanistan, an official says.
  7. Quran Most Beautiful Recitation Contest Begins in Dubai
    With 493 participants, the fifth session of the Most Beautiful Recitation Contest of the Holy Quran started on Sunday, following 33 days of qualifying tests.
  8. Seven protestors to be sentenced to death in Bahrain
    A military prosecutor demanded death penalty for seven anti-government demonstrators for killing of two policemen during protests in Bahrain.
  9. Bahrain violates Geneva Convention
    Reports reveal that Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have been treating anti-government protesters in divergence with the Geneva Convention.
  10. Syria closes its land borders with Jordan: Officials
    Move on Monday follows the deployment of Syrian army tanks in border city