1. Afghan military pilot kills 9 Americans in Kabul
    The Taliban claims responsibility for the attack at a meeting at the Afghan air force headquarters, in which eight U.S. troops and an American contractor are killed. The gunman is killed when NATO forces return fire.
  2. Ayatollah calls for dispatch of fact-finding teams to Bahrain
    Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani has strongly denounced the Quran burning and the demolition of mosques in Bahrain, urging the Islamic countries and organizations to send fact-finding delegations to the crisis-hit country.
  3. Saudi king cancels Bahrain trip
    The King of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday canceled his trip to Bahrain for fear of facing an outrage from the Bahraini people, reports say.
  4. Bahrain looks to censor social media
    Users of online social media websites in Bahrain have been warned by the kingdom’s Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) against posting and circulating images, videos or messages of an extreme or violent nature, Gulf Daily News has reported.
  5. Saudis fear losing seized Yemeni land
    Secretary General of Yemen Democratic Party Saif al-Washli told the al-Alam news network on Tuesday that leaders of [P]GCC are against Yemen’s membership in the council.This is because they fear that if Yemen joins the council, it may demand the return of three of its provinces under the occupation of Saudi Arabia, al-Washli explained.
  6. Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan attacked
    Saboteurs blew up a pipeline running through Egypt’s North Sinai on Wednesday that supplies gas to Israel and Jordan, a security source told Reuters.
  7. Pakistan, Mauritius sign Halal food agreement
    Pakistan and Mauritius have signed an agreement for the promotion of Halal industry, research and education and export of Halal goods to Mauritius, the Pakistan Halal Food Council said Tuesday.
  8. Libya death toll may be as high as 30k
    US Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz has said the number of fatalities since the revolution in the North African country could amount to 30,000 people.
  9. Morocco plans to hike state payrolls amid unrest
    Morocco is to raise public sector payrolls next month, a government official said Wednesday, the kingdom’s latest concession to intensifying public demands for reform.
  10. Govt allays apprehensions on amendments in Wakf, RTE Acts
    Government today sought to allay apprehensions over certain proposed amendments in Wakf Act and Right to Education Act, saying there is no question of departure from fundamental principles of non-interference in the constitutional rights of minority institutions.