1. Bahrain Demands Suspension of Trainee Bahraini Pilots from UK Flying School after Anti-Regime London Protest
    The Gatwick-based Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) suspended seven Bahraini trainee airline pilots after they attended a peaceful London demonstration, protesting the Bahraini government’s violent practices on their people.
  2. Saudi media face fresh restrictions
    Saudi Arabia has imposed new media restrictions, threatening news organizations that allegedly undermine national security, with heavy fines and closure.
  3. Amnesty International: Bahrain urged to halt execution of protesters
    Authorities in Bahrain must not allow the execution of four protesters sentenced to death by a military court over the killing of two police officers in anti-government demonstrations last month, Amnesty International said on April 28.
  4. Gaddafi threatens to hit aid ships
    Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s regime has threatened to attack any cargo ship attempting to bring humanitarian assistance into the besieged port city of Misratah.
  5. US imposes fresh sanctions on Syria
    The United States has imposed new sanctions on key Syrian government figures, accusing them of cracking down on political dissidents across the country.
  6. Over 800 flee in Tunisia jailbreaks
    More than 800 inmates have escaped from two prisons in west central Tunisia after prison cells caught fire, a state agency reported.
  7. Russian Banks to Initiate Trading in Islamic Debt
    Russia’s second-largest bank, VTB Group and Gazprombank are aspiringto become the first Russian borrowers to sell Islamic debt so as to attract Middle Eastern investment.
  8. Iraqi MPs approve payouts for Saddam’s US victims
    BAGHDAD – Iraqi MPs okayed a $400-million (270 million euro) compensation deal on Saturday for Americans who say they were mistreated by executed dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime during the 1990-1991 Gulf War.
  9. Iraqi judge, wife and daughter killed
    Iraqi officials say a judge, his wife and daughter have been killed when their house was blown up.
  10. Afgan Taliban declares start to spring offensive
    KABUL, April 30 (Reuters) – The Taliban declared the start of a spring offensive across Afghanistan on Saturday, warning they would target foreign troops, as well as Afghan security forces and top government officials, in a wave of attacks including suicide bombings.