1. Pakistan’s parliament condemns US bin Laden raid
    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s parliament condemned on Saturday the U.S raid to find and kill Osama bin Laden, calling for a review of U.S. ties and warning that Pakistan could cut supply lines to American forces in Afghanistan if there were more such attacks.
  2. “Ahlul Bayt (AS)” book Published in Dar As-Salaam
    Entitled “Ahlul Bayt (AS)”, the book was published in the Swahili language by Al-Itrah Foundation in Dar as-Salaam, Republic of Tanzania.
  3. Hundreds of Saudi Shia protesters denounce Bahrain occupation
    Hundreds of protesters have poured into the streets in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province to condemn the kingdom’s occupation of Bahrain.
  4. Georgia Establishes New Muslim Affairs Department Independent of Azerbaijan
    The Georgian Musliim Department was established this week for the purpose of governing the mosques and islamic communities in Georgia.
  5. Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for twin attacks + PIC
    Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for twin bomb attacks on a training center of security forces in the country’s northwest, which according to official killed 55 security men and three civilians.
  6. Divorce in Saudi Arabia Every 6 Minutes
    A family guidance counselor has said that a divorce occurs every six minutes in the Saudi Arabia, and that the kingdom accounts for 79 percent of all divorces per day in the wider Persian Gulf region.
  7. Bahrain’s Hospitals Are Used as Bait
    In a health system that is being dragged deeper into the political crackdown, patients risk imprisonment just for seeking care.
  8. 24 Parachinar Shia students detained by Pakistani police
    Despite security measures taken by the Government during the in-camera session of Pakistani Parliament, the Youth of Parachinar (YoP) activists on Friday reached the gates of the parliament to protest against the continued blockade and siege of Upper Kurrum area by the American and Saudi-Wahabi’s sponsored Taliban.
  9. Syrian army deploys in eastern city after calls for dialogue
    Syrian army personnel were deployed in the eastern city of Talkalakh, activists said Saturday, after officials said troops and tanks were being pulled out of Banias and Deraa.
  10. Bahrain: International trial observer refused entry
    An independent international trial observer was refused entry into the courtroom by the Bahraini authorities. The observer, a barrister from Tooks Legal Chambers in London, was mandated by Front Line to observe the trial of Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, former Front Line Protection Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. She travelled to Bahrain to observe the hearing of 12 May. The trial started at the Lower National Safety Court on 8 May 2011.