1. Bahraini Forces Attack Protesters in Diraz and Bani Jamrah
    Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have attacked anti-government protesters in several villages across the Persian Gulf sheikdom. Witnesses say regime troops used tear gas and concussion bombs to disperse protesters in Diraz, Bani Jamrah and some other villages on Friday.
  2. Saudis Forming Anti-Shia ‘Club of Kings’
    Saudi Arabia is moving to firm up alliances with Sunni nations in a bid to limit Shia’s influence and stem the tide of revolts in the Arab world.
  3. Identity card in Ajman linked to residency process
    The Emirates Identity Authority has announced that the service of linking Identity card registration with the residency procedures will commence on 1st June 2011 in Ajman.
  4. Pakistani leader shot dead
    A leader of Pakistan’s Awami National Party (ANP) was gunned down on Saturday in Swat valley in the northwest tribal region, a media report said.
  5. Shia Martyrdom Continues in Parachinar
    Before the ceasefire, four persons were martyred and 10 others injured in Baleshkhel area. Eight members of Turi tribe were also injured in the clashes.
  6. Turkey urges Syria to apply “shock therapy” reforms
    ANKARA – Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad should deliver “shock therapy” reforms to end bloody protests, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was on Friday quoted as saying.
  7. NATO stages rare daytime air strike on Tripoli
    NATO staged a rare daytime air strike on Tripoli on Saturday after a fifth straight night of attacks, adding to military and diplomatic pressure on Gaddafi to quit after 41 years of power.
  8. Yemen on brink of civil war as clashes spread
    Yemeni tribesmen said they wrested a military compound from elite troops loyal to President Saleh outside Sanaa as fighting spread, threatening to tip the country into civil war.
  9. Bomb kills 8 tribesmen in Pakistan
    KHAR – A powerful bomb ripped through a restaurant at a market in a northwestern Pakistani tribal region near the Afghan border on Saturday, killing eight men and wounding 10 others, officials said.