1. Tribal forces threaten march on Yemeni capital
    Thousands of armed tribesmen clashed with government troops in the mountains Thursday, preparing to march into Yemen’s capital to reinforce their brethren in nearly two weeks of fighting that has pushed the impoverished country to the brink of civil war.
  2. At least 72 killed in battle on Pakistan-Afghan border
    At least 72 people have been killed in two days of intense fighting between Pakistani security forces and hundreds of militants who crossed from Afghanistan into northwest Pakistan, officials said.
  3. Bahrainis protest outside embassy in Cairo
    Scores of Bahraini activists on Thursday staged protests before their embassy in Cairo, demanding freedom and democracy for their country.
  4. Opposition calls for Assad to resign
    Syria’s opposition has called on President Bashar al-Assad to resign immediately and hand over power to Farouk al-Sharaa, the country’s vice-president, in order to secure the country’s transition to democracy.
  5. Iraq allocates 136 billion dinars for Shiite Waqf (Endowment)
    Iraq’s State Minister and the Spokesman for the Iraqi Government has said on Wednesday that the Council of Ministers has decided to allocate 136 billion Iraqi dinars for the Shiite Waqf (Endowment).
  6. 10,000 cops in Karbala
    Karbala’s Police Director disclosed that the total number of cops in the city has reached 10,000, but there is a need for female cops during religious events.
  7. Bahrain Women Singled Out as Targets for Repression
    Bahraini women have been the main target of security forces since the pro-democracy protests started in mid February
  8. S. Arabia, US Send Death Squads to Kill Iraq’s Top Shiite Figures
    The United States and Saudi Arabia have sent their death squads to Iraq to assassinate the country’s Shiite officers and scholars, Iraqi security sources revealed on Wednesday.
  9. Special school in Lucknow to revive art of writing Marsiya
    The glorious days of Marsiya (couplets highlighting the Karbala incident) will be revived in Lucknow. The Hussainabad and Allied Trust (HAT) will soon launch special school training in writing and reciting Marsiyas.The school is likely to be functional from Rajab 13 (likely June 16) to mark the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali.
  10. Saudi Police Disperse Demonstration in Tarout and Arrested Two Shiite Brothers
    Saudi security authorities dispersed demonstration in the town of Tarout made up of Shiite Muslims calling for the release of Shiite prisoners.