1. Bangladesh HC Questions Islam as State Religion
    The High Court has asked the government to explain why the insertion of Islam as state religion in the constitution was not illegal and unconstitutional.
  2. Malaysian Wahhabi Extrimists Take Shiites to Court
    Shia Muslim leaders stand accused before Syariah Court for their part in allegedly hosting a religious meeting.
  3. Turkey says it will not close its borders to refugees
    TURKEY WILL not “close its doors” to Syrians seeking refuge from unrest across the border, prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated yesterday, as tanks converged on a restive town where 120 soldiers were reportedly killed last weekend.
  4. Yemeni city under Control of Opposition
    Yemeni opposition tribesmen have taken control of most of the country’s second largest city of Taizz following deadly clashes with government forces, a tribal chief says.
  5. Yemenis call for interim council
    Yemeni protesters have converged on the capital Sana’a to call for the establishment of an interim council to block President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s return to the country.
  6. US missiles kill 24 in NWA
    A pair of US missile strikes hit an alleged terrorist training facility and a suspected vehicle in North Waziristan on Wednesday, killing 24 terrorists, intelligence officials said.
  7. Pakistan army ‘expels’ 90 US military trainers
    Pakistan’s army has sent home two-thirds of the US military personnel who were training its forces in counterinsurgency skills along the porous border with Afghanistan.
  8. Five terrorists, two troops killed in Parachinar ambush
    At least five terrorists were killed in retaliatory fire by security forces in Shaheedano Dhand area and two security personnel were also martyred in an ambush on Wednesday.
  9. Sheikh Issa Qassim: Attack on Religious Processions is a Flagrant Violation Against Freedom
    Bahraini Shiite clerics condemned police on Tuesday of violating religious freedoms by breaking up into streets, shot tear gas and live bullete to suppress festivals held for commemoration of martyrdom anniverasry of Imam Hadi (a), 10th Shiite Imam.
  10. US Backs Al Khalifa Regime Despite its HR Abuses
    US President Barack Obama has once again expressed unwavering support for the Bahraini regime despite international condemnation of Manama’s gross human rights violations.