1. Flood of Syrian refugees heads for Turkey
    Syrian refugees have poured across the border into Turkey to escape the regime’s crackdown on protesters as world powers struggled to reach a consensus on applying greater pressure on Damascus.
  2. CAIR Seeks Hijab Rights for Banned Ga. Muslim Woman Weightlifter
    A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today called on the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to intervene in the case of a Muslim weightlifter in Georgia who is being banned from tournaments because she wishes to compete wearing modest Islamic attire (hijab).
  3. UAE hosts international meeting over Libya
    The Unites Arab Emirates (UAE) hosted the third meeting of the Libya Contact Group on Thursday, with some 20 foreign ministers and representatives of regional and international organizations attending, the state news agency WAM reported.
  4. Wefaq, Bahrain Shia Party Says Gov’t Barring Human Rights Talk
    Bahrain’s leading Shi’ite Muslim opposition group said the government barred it from holding a seminar on Wednesday to discuss human rights abuses during weeks of protests that security forces quashed earlier this year.
  5. Tunisia elections postponed to October 23
    To give more political parties time to organise for the Tunisia elections, PM Essebsi says they will postpone elections to 23 October.
  6. Kazakh leader proposes Islamic food security group
    Nazarbayev suggests a food reserve for Muslim countries, similar to the FAO, to battle the shortages that have helped fuel unrest across the Arab world.
  7. Million signature campaign to demand U.S. forces departure taking place soon, MP says
    A million signature campaign, to demand the departure of the U.S. forces from Iraq is scheduled to take place in all Iraqi provinces in the forthcoming few days, Legislature Maha al-Douri from al-Ahrar (Liberals) Bloc has announced on Thursday.
  8. Pak jails breeding ground for extremists, says adviser to PM
    Pakistani Taliban and the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, an anti-Shia group, had taken their “ideological campaign” to prisoners, Dawn News channel quoted its sources as saying.
  9. Lawyers say cannot reach detained Bahrain medics
    Bahraini doctors and nurses arrested over the civil protests that rocked the kingdom earlier this year have been denied access to their lawyers, their attorneys and relatives said
  10. Iraq holds reconciliation conference to bring insurgent groups back to political process
    Iraq on Thursday held a national reconciliation conference with the attendance of representatives of Sunni Arab insurgent groups who are willing to lay down their arms and join the political process.