1. Iraqis blast US congressman’s war repayment idea
    The suggestion by a U.S. congressman that Iraq repay the United States for the money it has spent in the country has stirred anger, with an Iraqi lawmaker ridiculing the idea as “stupid” and others saying Iraqis should be compensated for the hardships they’ve endured.
  2. Ruling party in landslide poll win
    Turkey’s ruling Islamist-rooted party clinched a record landslide in Sunday’s parliamentary polls but appeared short of the two-thirds majority it needs to rewrite the constitution, unofficial results showed.
  3. Libya conflict spreads to key oasis city: rebels
    Tribal fighters opposed to Mummer Gaddafi have clashed with the strongman’s forces in the oasis city of Sabha, rebels said, as regime troops went on the offensive in key Libyan flashpoints.
  4. Syrian forces take border town as inhabitants flee
    Syrian troops backed by helicopters and tanks took control of the northwestern town of Jisr al-Shughour as President Bashar al-Assad continued his crackdown against dissidents challenging his 11-year rule.
  5. CIA chief makes no headway in Pak, leaves abruptly
    CIA chief Leon Panetta has left Pakistan without reaching a deal on resetting the troubled relationship with ISI during meetings with the country’s top military leaders.
  6. Amnesty International: Bahraini activist jailed for reading poem
    A military court in Bahrain has sentenced a poet to one year in prison for reading out a poem criticizing the country’s King.
  7. Matar Matar and Jawad Fayrouz, Bahrain Two Shia MPs to Put on Trial
    A Bahraini special court began on Sunday the trial of two former Shiite MPs accused of calling for regime change and spreading rumours linked to pro-democracy protests crushed in mid-March.
  8. “International Committee of the Red Cross will Use all the efforts to help relieve Bahrain crisis”
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it will make every effort to decrease the impacts of the violent crackdowns of the Bahraini regime on peaceful anti-regime protesters.
  9. More torture reports loom in Bahrain
    More people have complained of human rights violations in Bahrain where the Saudi-backed government forces reportedly engage in torturing and humiliating opposition detainees.
  10. Private sector in Saudi Arabia faces punishment for not cutting expat payroll
    In another bid to beat back one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest challenges, youth unemployment, officials have rolled out a new initiative aimed at weaning private sector employers off expatriate labour and coaxing them into hiring more Saudis.