1. Miracle of Imam Ali (A) birth in Ka’abah becomes fresh every year
    Al-Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (peace be upon him), son-in-law, cousin and the first infallible successor of holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) was born on Rajab 13 in the Holy Ka’abah (House of Allah) in the holy city of Makkah.
  2. Despite Crackdown, Bahraini Human Rights Defenders Continue to Fight for Democracy
    Nabeel Rajab is a bit of a hero in Bahrain. In the streets, people recognize him and gather round him; he’s a local celebrity. But when a camera appears, the crowds scatter, laughing — no-one wants to be photographed with a man so openly critical of the Bahrain government. Not these days.
  3. Lucknow Shia students protest against online admission mode
    Students seeking admission in various undergraduate and post-graduate courses at Shia PG College created a ruckus on Tuesday morning. They were protesting against the online mode of filling up application forms.
  4. Grand Protests in Yemen Demanding Power Transition
    Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni anti-regime protesters took to streets in several major cities on Tuesday, calling for a trial to embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his relatives, and demanding the creation of a transitional presidential council to run the country.
  5. British officials to be charged over Bahrain
    Some 14 UK officials might be charged with training the Saudi forces who have been aiding the Bahraini regime in its crackdown on protesters.
  6. Iran successfully launches satellite into space
    Iran successfully launched its Rassad-1 satellite into space on Wednesday, the country’s Arabic-language television channel Al-Alam said.
  7. Jordan says Syria opens border
    Jordan said Syria opened its border crossing with the kingdom on Wednesday after nearly a two-month closure following military operations in the southern flashpoint town of Daraa.
  8. Libyan troops shell western rebel positions
    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces shelled rebel positions in the Western Mountains on Wednesday, insurgents said, after rebel advances on three fronts brought them closer to the capital.
  9. OPEC setback hurts Saudis at critical time
    The failure of OPEC, which controls 40 percent of the global oil supply, to boost production at its recent Vienna meeting has raised concerns Saudi Arabia is losing its traditional clout at a time when it is increasingly locked in a cold war with Iran.
  10. Saudi Women to Break Driving Ban En Masse
    Hundreds of Saudi women decides to break the ban on women driving be getting behind the wheel in a driving protest on Friday