1. Heavy exchanges near key western Libyan town
    Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces exchanged heavy artillery fire near the city of Zlitan on Friday as the rebels tried to push deeper into government-held territory.
  2. Mines kill 7 Iranian troops on Iraqi border
    BAGHDAD – Seven Iranian soldiers were killed when they strayed into a minefield laid along their border with Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, a local Kurdish official said on Thursday.
  3. Wedding set for Bahrain and Saudi royal families
    MANAMA — Bahrain says the son of the nation’s King and the daughter of Saudi Arabia’s Monarch have agreed to wed — further cementing ties boosted by cooperation to crush pro-reform protests.
  4. EU preparing new sanctions on Syrian companies
    PARIS — A French official says the European Union is preparing new, expanded sanctions against Syria that would target companies.
  5. Yemen govt says Saleh to return shortly
    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s government vowed on Friday the wounded leader would return to his country within days.
  6. Nearly 10,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey
    Nearly 10,000 Syrians have crossed the border into Turkey fleeing a crackdown by the Damascus regime, an official source said.
  7. Death Sentences for Al-Qaeda Militants in Iraq Wedding Massacre
    An Iraqi court issues death sentences against 15 Al-Qaeda members for killing 70 people five years ago in a wedding party
  8. Activist slams UN role in arrest of Bahraini protesters
    A prominent Bahraini human rights activist here Thursday lambasted the UN for handing over three female Bahraini protesters who staged a sit-in at the UNDP office in Manama, to police
  9. Saudi women start driving campaign
    Saudi women have started their campaign to get behind the wheel in protest to defy the government ban on women’s driving, activists say.
  10. A Big Indiscriminate Rally in Bahraini City of Sitra
    Bahraini protesters have staged an anti-government rally in the eastern city of Sitra to mark the fourth months of popular uprising in the small Persian Gulf sheikhdom.