1. Traffic chaos on Sharjah streets
    Chaos ruled several main Sharjah streets on the last day of schools before summer vacation as two crucial bridges in Rolla were partially closed for maintenance work.
  2. Many dying en route while fleeing Somalia drought
    GENEVA — Many people are dying of hunger while fleeing serious drought in Somalia, the UN refugee agency said Friday, warning that aid efforts could be overwhelmed by large numbers of malnourished refugees.
  3. Pakistan orders troops in after 80 die in Karachi
    Pakistan Friday ordered 1,000 extra troops to deploy in Karachi with instructions to shoot-to-kill after another 80 people were killed in the deadliest six months of political violence since 1995.
  4. Saleh makes first TV address after blast
    Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh has appeared on TV for the first time since he sustained injuries in an explosion last month and was taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment.
  5. Revolutionaries advance on Tripoli
    Libyan revolutionaries are making gains as they continue fighting against forces loyal to the country’s ruler Muammar Gaddafi.
  6. Police attack protesters in Bahrain
    Saudi-backed police have attacked anti-regime protesters in various Bahraini cities, including the capital Manama, reportedly causing casualties.
  7. Egypt holds Friday million-man march
    Egyptians have held another million-man march on Friday to press for their unfulfilled demands, five months after the country’s historic revolution.
  8. Tehran gallery displaying Quranic artworks by female artists
    Quranic artworks created by Iranian female artists caught the eyes of officials who attended the opening ceremony of “Iranian Lady, Quranic Art”.
  9. Hundreds of protesters at Sharm El-Sheikh Hospital want Mubarak out
    Hundreds of protesters rally outside the International Sharm El-Sheikh Hospital, calling for the departure of Mubarak
  10. Syria accuses US envoy of inciting Hama protests
    Syria’s government on Friday accused the US ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford, of meeting “saboteurs” in the flashpoint city of Hama and inciting protests against President Bashar al-Assad.