1. Dubai Police get tough on beggars
    The Dubai Police are taking stringent measures to curb begging activities in the emirate and the whole country in view of the holy month of Ramadan.
  2. New airport at Madinah to handle eight million passengers
    Work is under way to construct a completely new airport in Madina with a capacity to deal with eight million passengers.
  3. 16 arrested on terrorism charges in Babel, Iraq
    Police forces arrested 16 people wanted for terrorism charges in northern areas of Babel province, police sources said today.
  4. Government Backed Terrorists Martyred 3 Pakistani Shia Muslims
    Three Pakistani persons, belonging to Shiite community, were shot martyred in provincial capital on Sunday.
  5. Bahrainis defy Saudi-backed crackdown
    Bahraini protesters have taken to the streets across the country once again, defying the Saudi-backed crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and calling for the downfall of the regime.
  6. Libya opposition to push toward Tripoli
    Libyan revolutionaries have reportedly planned to launch a major assault on the strategic town of Gharyan near the capital Tripoli as fighting rages in the country between the opposition and Gaddafi forces.
  7. New Arab League chief in Saudi Arabia for talks
    New Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi is expected to arrive later Monday in Saudi Arabia for his first visit since he took the office earlier this month.
  8. Gaddafi’s son: Libya govt in talks with France
    Saif al-Islam, in an interview with an Algerian newspaper on Monday, said his father’s government was in talks with the French government. There was no immediate comment from Paris.
  9. Assad loyalists attack US, French embassies
    Bashar Al Assad’s supporters attack French and US embassy in Damascus, three days after the U.S. and French ambassadors visited the city of Hama to show support for pro-democracy protesters
  10. Bangladeshi Muslims Protest Against Anti-Islamic Law
    Police in Bangladesh fired rubber bullets and tear gas on Sunday at Islamic activists who took to the streets campaigning for “absolute faith in Allah” to be restored to the constitution.