1. Dubai becomes educational tourism hub
    As the summer months sink in, Dubai sees an influx of young tourists pursuing their growing interest in Arabic language and culture.
  2. Two Muslim clerics injured in another Dagestan attack for opposing Wahhabism
    Religious leaders are frequently the victims of militant violence in Russia’s North Caucasus. Russian Islamologist Roman Silantev said in December last year that around 50 moderate muftis have been killed for opposing Wahhabism.
  3. Medical Detachment of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine to follow an emergency plan for the Mid-Shaban Visitation + Pic
    In order to provide better health, curative and preventive services for pilgrims in the Mid-Shaban visitation, medical detachment of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine announced to follow an emergency plan in coordination with the Department of Health in Karbala city. This was announced by the vice head of the detachment, Hashim Mohamed Ghosn…
  4. Libyan revolutionaries capture oil town, Gaddafi dismisses TNC recognition
    Libyan revolutionaries have managed to take control of an oil-rich town in the country’s east as anti-regime forces continue advancing towards government positions.
  5. Racism towards Muslims in the UK on the rise
    Racist attacks against Muslim and other ethnic minorities in Britain are on the rise, with politicians and media fuelling hostility and prejudice against minorities, a new European report finds.
  6. Third explosion in Karbala, martyrs 9, injures 40
    An explosive charge, planted in a motorbike close to a checkpoint inside Karbala city, has blown up, in a third incident over the past 24 hours, a Karbala official said on Saturday.
  7. Bahrain: Continued harassment of journalists
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemns the continued harassment of journalists in Bahrain. Journalist Reem Khalifa was recently harassed, insulted, and had her privacy violated by pro-government members while attending a press conference in Manama on 14 July 2011.
  8. Malaysia king urged to adopt reforms
    Malaysia’s opposition groups and activists have called on the country’s King Mizan Zainal Abidin to adopt electoral reforms aimed at curbing fraud at the next national polls.
  9. Two Shia Muslims Martyred in Karachi by Wahabi Terrorists
    Two Shia Muslims were martyred in Karachi in the separate incidents of target killing on Saturday by the terrorists of Nasabi-Wahabi outfits.
  10. Yemeni Protesters Set Up Transitional Council
    Yemeni protesters formed a transitional council of opposition figures on Saturday to lead efforts to try to force President Ali Abdullah Saleh from power.